Monday, February 27, 2006

I was on my bike all weekend (big suprise).  I rode 85 on saturday out to point reyes station and back through nicasio and then 45 on sunday out to tiburon.  It rained pretty much the whole ride sunday but we still had a good time.  There was a woman on a very heavy recumbant bike who I didn't think was going to make it across the bridge but she rode thirty and couldn't believe it.  Good for her.  I'll bet I'll see her on the last day of the lifecycle this year and she'll have done just fine.

Pouring down rain this morning.  I came in on Bike #3 which has these fabulous disk brakes that are so great in the wet and give you such control especially when you compare them to the wet weather performance of Bike#2 yesterday which was an EXERCISE IN TERROR coming down camino alto but I survived it so what can you do.

Jeff managed to get all the cooking, cleaning, wood hauling, laundry, dog petting done all weekend.  Why I'm practically a lady of leisure!  I dopn't know what I'd do without him!

I've got homework to do tonight.  My class is over in three weeks and then I'm going to start biking for two hours after work every night.  I've also got four new episodes of Yu GI Oh! GX that I haven't seen yet so I'm going to watch those too.  Jeff's in class tonight so I'll be home alone.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yesterday was President's day and I took the day off.  I slept in late and then we went to north beach to walk around. 

We're at Jack Early park.  Nathan wanted to go because everytime he went the gate was locked and he was strating to think that it was all part of some elaborate brank I was playing on him.  Here he is looking sinister:

"These Humans Disgust Me"


I biked all weekend but it pretty much sucked.  Saturday, I rode 50 out to fairfax in wind, rain, and 43 degree temperatures.  My poor feet were numb all day.  I was riding with this guy from Lake Placid, NY who was a really strong rider but I wasn't going to go any faster than I was because the pavement was so slick.  We got passed by team Phonak in town for the bike race.  Made no attempt to keep up.  I was shocked to see the size of one of them.  Bikers are usually pretty little but this guy was HUGE!  Maybe he wins by eating the other riders.

I did the lifecycle training ride but it was really cold and I was sweeping (following the last rider to make sure nobody gets lost) so I never really warmed up all day.  Here's Stephanie and Ian from the beginning of the ride

It was a tough day too.  Some jerk ran into one of our riders on the bridge and cut his finger and knocked him off the bike and he didn't even say he was sorry he just got back on his bike and rode off.  And then, when I was coming back to the bridge on the hill out of Sausalito, this guys blows by on the right, in the shoulder and almost hit me and the guy in front of him.  I called out in my loudest voice a few comments about his riding manners and I can neither confirm nor deny that a string of explatives might have followed. 

Friday, February 17, 2006

Rainy day! I rode for an hour before work when it was damp but not wet. I had RSVP's for my ride tomorrow so I'm totally committed which is actually a relief because I don't think it's going to rain all that much tomorrow. I think I felt a few snow flurries when I was riding through the castro home. It was definitely snowing in Berkeley. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

My mom has complained that there are no close up of my face on my blog. Here's one from my wedding day. The happiest man in the world. Still am.

"America's Sweetheart"

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Disaster Narrowly Averted!

Bike#1 2002 Cannondale T800 10,000+ miles and my favorite all around bike

I was riding to work on bike #1 this morning and  the rim on my rear wheel separated with a loud bang which sounded a lot like a gunshot.  The rim (the part that the brake pads rub against when you brake) split into two pieces on one side for about eight inches of the wheel.  Yikes! 

I was going on a flat surface when it happened and I can't help but think that the outcome could have been catastrophic had it happened while I was braking at speed on a hill.  After, the rear wheel didn't spin anymore so I had to carry the bike home.  If you read back on my blog a few days you will see that my mechanic had warned me of this very thing last Thursday so I knew exactly what was had happened. I"m going to have to get new wheels and probably tires too because the ones on there were pretty old.

So I got to work a little late today on Bike #3.

Bike#3 2005 Kona Sutra Triple with drop handlebars and disk brakes. A little heavy but those disk brakes rock in the rain.

The weather has been vary cold and I haven't been riding a whole lot extra this week and it's supposed to rain and snow(!) at higher elevations (like Mt Tam and Mt Diablo) on Saturday morning.  This may put my Saturday ride in definite jeopardy.  But Sunday's still supposed to be OK.  But I'm not going to be thinking that it's rained out now because the storm may well race through the area a little early and be cleared up by Saturday morning.  Or that's what I'll be telling myself while I'm riding in the rain.

Went for a walk over lunch up to Telegraph hill and down into North Beach. Cool but beautiful. Like me!

Got Disk 2 of the yu gi oh 2nd season and I'm hoping to watch that on Friday night.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a fun weekend.  The weather was so fabulous.  Saturday, I went on the Different Spokes monthly ride.  Here we all are:


After, I came back into the city and rode out to the ocean and then came up Ulloa up to portola, then over twin peaks and home. 

We celebrated out Anniversary on Saturday night because Jeff had class on Monday so we went to the Chinese new year parade and then to Yum Yum in the Mission for dinner.  The parade was really neat:

Sorry my pics didn't turn out so well but the parade was at night! 

Sunday I had a lifecycle training ride and then I did Marin headlands after.  There's this great descent after you climb to the top where the drow off is so steep that if you went over the guard rail you'd likely plummet into the ocean.  Watch that last step!

Then I went home for dinner and went to bed early.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my second wedding anniversary. 

We got married at city hall in San Francisco during the brief period that they were married same sex couples back in 2004.  I remember when they started issuing licenses that I thought that a judge would put a stop to it within hours.  But then on Friday, February 13th, I came back to work from lunch at the judge had not made a ruling and wasn't going to until the following Tuesday and city hall had stated that they would marry everybody who was in line fy 4PM that day so I called Jeff and told him to leave work early and I went over to city hall to wait for him.  It was crazy there and we didn't get home until very late but we had a new shiny marriage certificate when we did.  Of course those licenses were invalidated a couple of months later but I don't think it will be too long before we're exchanging vows again in san francisco city hall.  And the next time we'll already have the rings.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The weather has been so nice in San Francisco this week and it's largely expected to hold through the weekend.  For a change.  I'm riding both days (big suprise) and I'm looking forward to the Chinese new year parade tomorrow night.  Why are AIDSlifecycle training rides so much fun??  Because wondeful people like Edna and Nick bake pies for people to enjoy at the end.  Edna's even had a home made lattice crusts on top this year.  Can you imagine??  If I was in charge of bringing the pie, the most work I'd put into them would be to cross out the word "Hostess" and write "Joseph".  I didn't get a pic of them this year, but here's one from their pie-stavaganza from last year.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Went to the bike shop after work to last night to get those brakes on Bike #1 looked at.  He tightened them up but evidently my wheels need to be replaced before the the rear rim separates in a dramatic and potentially catastrophic bang.  That's going to have to wait.  Biking is very, very expensive and although some people do all their maintenance themselves, my half assed attempts almost always leave my bike in worse shape than it started which is why they love me so much at Lombardi Sports.

Rode much the same route to work as I did yesterday except that I had brakes which made the ride so much less terrifying.  I have class tonight and I'm going to try to drop off bike #3 which has brake issues as well off at the bike shop before they close first.

Looking forward to this weekend!  Bike rides!  Chinese new year parade!  We're celebrating our wedding anniversary (2 years!) and valentines day this weekend because out anniversary is on Monday and Jeff has class and then I have class on valentines day.

Here's a picture of myself and my friend Nathan from the observation deck at the beautiful new DeYoung meuseum in Golden Gate Park from last summer.

Nathan definitely looks like he's up to no good.  Believe it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Had a short but fun ride through pacific heights today.  I need to get my brakes looked at again because they're already pretty soft on my commuting bike and I was a little scared barrelling down washington street into chinatown without the complete ability to stop.  And of course there was sand all over the street because of some water main repairs they were doing. Yikes!  I'm sending off my regisistrarion for the AIDSLifecycle today and I'm really excited about it.  I'm going to be on team Different Spokes San Francisco.  They're a fun group to ride with.  Here's a few pics from a ride we did last summer:

Tom and Michael from a ride I lead over to Marshall on Tomales Bay.  Michael's got this cool custom built steel bike in this crazy orange color with 105 components.    Sweet!Tomales bay is such a fun place to go and so beautiful on a sunny day.  These pictures are from the top of the "Marshall Wall" looking west to the bay and the ocean beyond.  You're up high enough that you can see the ocean behind the next ridge.

David (our team lead this year) in the red gloves.  I'm planning on riding with them this weekend and I'm looking forward to that. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

I slept in a little this morning so I rode down Market into work because that's the fastest way.  Why am I looking forward to the lifecycle this year??

Because of the awesome roadies who treat us so right.  This picture was from day 1.  last year.  All of the volunteers staffing the rest stop dressed up like Dolly Parton.  Amazing.  That's a whole lotta tantalizing top heavy temptresses.  Here's me with my friend Michael at the close last year:

How can I look so impossibly fresh after a long day of biking??  I don't.  I hauled ass all morning and got in at 10AM to my usual LA reception which consisted of irritated volunteers letting me know that they weren't ready yet (now that's hospitality!).  So I rode to the hotel and took a nap and a shower and came back around two when there was a crowd assembled.  The most dangerous part of the lifecycle for me??  The trip back down Wilshire from the hotel to the close. 

Monday, February 6, 2006

Mimi (the little white dog we've had a couple of years) woke us all up at 3AM snarling and barking.  Evidently, she wasn't happy with her placement on the bed and wanted Ashley (the poodle) to move.  Didn't happen.  Jeff ended the crisis by putting her on the pillow next to (or on) his head.

I slept in a little so I biked the second fastest way to work,  Scott to Post through Japantown and Union Square.  I was a little stiff this morning but nothing too bad.  The weather in San Franciso is going to be warm and fabulous this week and I'm planning on riding every evening I don't have class. 

 Over lunch I went for a long walk.  I took the Greenwich steps up from Sansome up to Telegraph Hill and then down Grant to Jack Early park (easy to miss if you aren't looking for it but the views are fantastic) and then back to work through North Beach. 

Sunday, February 5, 2006

I was on my bike pretty much all day today. I left the house at 8:30 and rode for an hour up to the twin peaks viewing platform. It was a lot of climbing but it was a beautiful morning and the view was perfect:

Then I went down to the Sports Basement to meet my AIDSLifecycle training ride. It was a short (22 mile) training ride and everybody did great. We went to Mill Valley which is not my favorite place to go because the coffee place always has a huge line and the locals view bikers with suspician-- like we're homeless or something I can't figure it out.

These are my friends Ben and Shiv. Ben has been organizing the training rides I've been helping lead and Shiv and I have been pals since the ride last year when I helped reuinte her with a precious item she'd lost.

I got home at 1:30 from that and, as promised, my partner Jeffery went for a little bike ride with me. We rode downtown to this fishing pier behind Pac Bell Park. It's very pretty there and it was just a gorgeous afternoon:

Doesn't Jeff look cute?? All in all I think I rode about 40 miles today but there was some pretty significant climbing and I felt great the whole day. It's supposed to be beautiful all week. Can't wait!

Saturday, February 4, 2006

I rode the Nicasio Loop today and it was fabulous. It was a little wet in the morning but it totally dried out by mid day. It was a Different Spokes ride that I was leading, but nobody showed up for it because it was wet but that was OK because I had such a great time anyway. San Anselmo looks great considering its recent flooding, but it looks like a couple of places still haven't opened back up yet. Nicasio was very windy-- the reservoir was a little muddy because of all the rain and all the runoff and with the wind it had little whitecaps(!). But Samel P Taylor park was beautiful and lush:

This is a view upstream from the campground. I love it over there and it was almost empty and very quiet. There's even some redwoods!

This is a view of Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin side. Had a great ride back into town and it was pretty by the bridge:

I ran into my friend Jaime on the bridge coming back. He was kind enough to take this glamour shot of me. Good thing he did-- the other one I took myself and I totally look like a serial murderer. Ouch! Great ride back into town and then I went and hung out with my friend Nick for a while and then home for 2-3 dinners. I felt great all day. I brought all my own food which was a big help because it kept me out of the potato chips and my stomach didn't get upset like it sometimes does. Mileage @75 miles. My ride packet came for the cross country ride and I'm totally intimidated by their suggested training, but realistic Joseph doesn't think I'm going to have any problems.

Friday, February 3, 2006

I had class last night and I was up late so I slept in this morning and didn't ride a whole lot before work.  I went through Japantown and Union square (Scott to Post to Market) rather than just coming down market and it's really foggy but dry for a change.  I've got two training rides this weekend.  Out to Lagunitas with different spokes on Saturday (60 miles) and then Sausalito with the Lifecycle crew on Sunday (25 miles).  I'm posting all of my training rides as either lifecycle or different spokes rides because it will force me to show up for them.  It's cold and often wet and hard to train in San Francisco in the winter but I will totally hate myself if I haven't trained when I hit the cross country ride because the mileage is so high (100+ miles every day).  I'm not going to try to hit that mileage until the very end of my training because, realistically, 50 miles in Marin is like 100 miles anywhere else and I just need to focus on getting in enought saddle time.  Pic above is from the Lifecycle last year.

Here's a great pic of my partner Jeffery and I:

Isn't he cute?  This picture is from Angel Island--  the "Ellis Island" of the west which is now a recreation area you have to get to by ferry.  Here's another picture of Jeffery with our three Dogs:

Ashley is an apricot poodle and he just turned 16.  I've had him since he was eight weeks old.  Bubba (the black blob to Jeff's left) is a border collie and he's 13--  the greatest dog but he's totally crazy and can't leave the house.  Luckily we have a little backyard for him.  Mimi is a bijon mix and we've only had her a couple of years.  She's very sassy.  Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow because I've scheduled my training ride rain or shine.


Thursday, February 2, 2006

I've set up this weblog to chronicle my bike training this season and to have a place to post during my month long bike ride across the US that I'm doing in April.  Check it out I'm crazy:


I'm also planning on posting non bike related stuff but the closer it gets to the rides the less non bike related stuff there will be. The Pic above is me finishing in Washington DC the last time I biked cross country and yes those are tan lines. Ouch!

It's been raining a lot in San Francisco lately and I haven't been riding as much as I should.  I need to train really hard this season or I'm not going to be comfortable on my bike ride and then I've got the AIDSLifecycle two weeks after I get back;


That's all for my vacation for 2006 which kind of sucks but it's totally worth it.  I've been watching a lot of Yu Gi Oh! GX which is so awesome.  My favorite episode so far is #23 where they have to keep the hippie duelist locked up in a hidden armored secure virtual reality island less he incapacitate everybody with his laid back powers.  The nail that sticks out gets pounded down!