Sunday, July 9, 2006

Back on the bike. I moseyed around the bay all afternoon and I had a great time. First, I went over to rincon hill to visit my friends Chris and David. I hung put with them for an hour and then headed down third street down to the bayshore district. I headed over to Little Hollywood which is a pretty neighborhood stuck in an unfavorable location bordered by caltrain, a recycling center, the 101, and candlestick point, Not the greatest location but it's a cute little neighborhood with lots of 40's architecture and a growing korean population. Loved it. Then I headed down Tunnel ave to Brisbane and then to the airport. I watched planes taking off and that was really fun. I saw the KLM MD11 at the gate which was a treat because that's about my favorite aircraft in about my favorite livery. Nice! I saw the British Airways 747 coming in looking very elegent. Swank! I also saw a Singapore 777. Not my favorite aircraft to look at but I'm a big fan of singapore and it was nice to see it. Came back the same way except I hit McClaren part on the way in. So it was a lot of hills but not so much grunt work. A really fun day. But I forgot sunscreen so I"m a little burned and I'm kinda tired tonite.