Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again!

I've started training for the AIDSLifecycle in June, so I thought I'd better start posting to my training blog again.  I'm a training ride leader again.  This year, the training for it took an entire weekend but I think it was time well spent.  I went on the first of the CAT series rides on Sunday.  120 people showed up!  Who knew??  We went over the bridge to Mill Valley.  I led the riders out and hurried to the turn everybody misses, directed traffic, and then swept the last riders in.  I thought everybody did a really good job.  There were a couple of flats but no really serious equipment issues and nobody got injured.  I haven't been doing long rides in quite a while (Joseph = lazy), but I've been riding to work every day plus a little extra so I'm in pretty good shape and I felt good riding.  I've been on a diet this winter and my body fat has never been so low.  I think I look great and I'm rocketing up those hills.  Good for me.  Forgot to bring my camera on Sunday but I'll take pics next week.