Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday, August 31

Happy birthday Mr. Poe!  It's hard to believe he's only 35!

It was a little cooler this morning and there was a bit more fog.  You can see the tip of the Transamerica Pyramid peeking out through the fog:

I headed out Corbett to Portola to Woodside to Dewey to Taravel down to Ocean BEach and then I went into the park.  I saw a bunch of homeless either sleeping or wandering about.  I guess the city's plan to oust them was short lived.  Here I am looking like a vagrant as well:

I headed over to Spreckels lake which was very pretty with the fog clinging to it:

I noticed an army of seniors training for battle.  Soon the Richmond will be overrun with angry bands of bloodthirsty retirees.

I headed in Cabrillo to Arguello to McAllister to Parker to Golden Gate.  Here's a couple of shots of St. Boniface on Golden Gate in the Tenderloin.  The site is completely walled like a fortress which I guess it kind of has to be given the neighborhood.  It's a nice, nice structure though.


Then I turned on market and headed into work.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I went and got cupcakes for Jeff's birthday after work. Did you know that his birthday is August 31 and that it's his favorite day of the year?? I've never met anybody who likes his birthday as much as Mr. Poe and I've gotten him all sorts of cool stuff. After I got back from the bakery I went to the dog park with Rufus and one of his most favorite pals, a Keeshond puppy named Studabaker was there and they played and played and played. He's the sweetest puppy you've ever seen and he loves to play.

30-08-07_1808  30-08-07_1805

Total bike mileage: 25
Thursday, August 30

It was very warm when I got up this morning!  I walked Rufus, got ready, and then went out Corbett to Clayton to Frederick to Stanyon and into the park.  It was nice and cool in the park.  I saw a tent a little before Linley meadow which kind of surprised me because I thought the police were really cramping down on camping in the park and you'd have to be smoking a lot of crack to be thinking that was a hidden campsite.  Oh, wait.  I left the park at Spreckels lake and took a photo of the pretty Senior Center on Fulton at 37th Ave:

I rode down to the ocean and then went up to the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  It was sunny there but I could see lingering fog all around:

But the sun was shining on me:

As well as the beautiful museum:

I headed down through Seacliff into the Presidio.  I got this pic above Crissy Field:

Then I headed through the Marina, over Fort Mason, through Fisherman's Wharf and up Columbus into work.
Wednesday, August 29

I headed out after work to McLaren Park to see what was taking off from SFO.  I rode Folsom to 11th to Harrison and into the Mission.  I saw this fabulous mural at Garfield Square.  It's in a style I would describe as "Aztecalicious":

I rode through Precita PArk, over Alabama to Cortlandt and then over Holly Park into Saint Mary's Park and then over the footbridge to Cambridge and then up to McLaren Park.  I only saw one plane take off and it flew right overhead.  It was Southwest Airlines!  They've just restarted service to San Francisco:

This is a view looking Southeast to South San Francisco:

Across the bay to Oakland:

The San Mateo Bridge:

There's a nice view on Mansell at about Persia of downtown.  That new building on Rincon Hill is very imposing:

Here it is again with the Bay Bridge on the right:

I made it to school and got a shot from my building looking South at our Football field:

And this view looking west to Oakland:

After class I headed home Teresita to Portola to Corbett.  Total bike mileage:  30

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday, August 29

It was pretty warm when I got up this morning.  Very unusual for San Francisco.  I decided to do some hill climbing and rode Corbett to Portola to Woodside to Dewey to Taravel to 14th Ave up into Golden Gate Heights.  I saw this bus with the groovy new Southwest Airlines ad at 14th Ave and Quintara:

The view was spectacular from Golden Gate Heights.  The Fog was compressed again like yesterday, yet somehow more picturesque.  Check out this view of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Looking NW to the Marin Headlands:

Me looking delighted:

View looking W down Quintara st with the moon upper left::

I headed down into the park at 19th Ave and then rode around Stow Lake which always looks very pretty in the morning:

Then I headed over into the Richmond on 12th Ave and then took Lake to Arguello into the Presidio and out the Lombard Gate then up to Union and over Russian Hill to Columbus and into work.  A lot of climbing and totally fun.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday, August 28

Everybody was up early this morning.  I got Rufus out for his walk and Mr. Poe was stirring by the time we got back at 5:45.  I got ready and headed out Corbett to Clayton to Frederick to Stanyon and into the Park.  I stopped by the AIDS Memorial Grove which was very quiet in the early morning light:

Then I headed down MLK to the ocean.  The fog was very compressed and very patchy so you'd go from bright sunshine to low visability in a block.  I don't get it. But it's cool to look at:

The Palace of the Legion of Honor was as glamorous as ever this morning.

Me--  not so much. 

From Lands End I was was above the fog on the ocean outside the Golden Gate:

I rode through Seacliff and into the Presidio and then through the Marina and up over Fort Mason.  I got a few shots of the bridge with the fog behind it:

and a ship coming in.  No it's not about to hit the bridge.  Because I waited to see.

I headed into Fisherman's Wharf and then took Columbus into the Financial District.  I ran home over lunch and hung out with my friend Jim and the dogs and then took Rufus to the dog park where he played nice with everybody.  Then we had dinner and I walked the dogs one last time and then went to bed.  Total bike milage:  24
Monday, Agust 27

After work I headed out to City College because I had to go to my new class.  I missed the first three because I was in Florida so I didn't want to be late.  I showed up on campus a little early and rode around a little.  There are these buildings by the new health services building that look very much like single wides to me.  I think they're supposed to replace temporary buildings.  But they look like temporary buildings and they are not.  Yuck.

Here is a veiw looking North onto the arts building:

These are a few close ups of the mosaic on the Science Building that I was looking at a few weeks ago.  I'm not sure what it represents but it's really cool and very detailed:

And the exterior of Science Building from the back.  It's such a great building but not in great shape.  I wish City College would spend less time building and more time maintaining.  I realize that those actions come from different pots of funding but still it's a shame to see such a fantastic building in such crappy shape:

Close ups of the sculptures outside the building.  They're a little discolored and need to be cleaned.  I call the one on the left "The Ghost of Maintanence Past":


Then it was time to head into class.  I took Teresita to Portola to Corbett home.  Total bike mileage 30