Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Welcome to my Cube"

Here I am in our fancy new digs.  Have you seen these hilariously bad Brenda Dickson "Welcome to My Home" videos from the 80's??  She's my new favorite. 

There's a bunch of parody videos, the first is from a tasteless, vulgar woman with a nasty foul mouth who should never stop making videos.

Wednesday, November 28

Mr. Poe if off to Charlotte for business so I'm home alone with the dogs.  Which totally sucks.  I headed off on my bike Corbett to Portola to Woodside to Dewey to Taravel and then down to the ocean.  I came up the Great Highway and saw this strange ship off the coast.  I have no idea what it is but there were a bunch of boats around it and I think it was being tugged in:

 I headed up to the Cliff house where I got a good view of some of the many surfers out today waiting for a wave:

And another view of the mystery ship.  I wonder if it's dredging:

This is Marin Headlands rising behind the Sutro Baths:

And me with the Cliff House behind me:

I rode Seal Rock to Clement to 32nd to Lake to Arguello to Clay to Steiner to Post to Kearny to Bush to Sansome and into work.
Tuesday, September 27

Went home for lunch and snapped a few more pics of the house under renovation down the street.  Still terrified that the house is going to tumble forward like a drunk Dolly Parton. 


Also got a shot of the Castro's holiday palm trees that have been festooned with red bows as they are every year.

After work I headed out Sutter to Fillmore to Washington to Steiner to Jackson to Lyon to Washington to Arguello to Carbillo out the ocean and then down on the Great Highway to Vicente.  I rode up Vicente to 14th to Santa Ana to Monterey to San Fernando to Ocean to Paloma.  I saw some pretty holiday lights on Paloma at Moncada:

I continued on Paloma to Junipero Serra to Cerritos to Lunado to Holloway to Ashton to Ocean to Phelan to Judson to Foerster to Monterey to Diamond to Wilder to Arlington to San Jose to 29th to Tiffany to Valencia to 18th to Diamond to 17th and then home.

Bike Mileage:
Today                             42.0
Week to date                  82.0
Month to date                795.3
Quarter to date           1,590.8
Remaining to goal          929.8
Over(Under) plan              1.7

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday, September 27

I headed out Corbett to Portola to Woodside to Dewey to Taravel and then down to the coast.  I came up the great highway and came back on Cabrillo to Arguello to Mcallister to Parker to Golden Gate.  I turned on Broderick and made a couple of interesting discoveries on Broderick at Turk.  The first is this horribly renovated building on the corner.  Formstone should be a crime in the United States.  I'm guessing that underneath all of that is a gorgeous house from the 1870's.  It has a Mansard Roof which is pretty unusual in San Francisco.  In addition it has a sizeable outbuilding behind it. 

It's been cut up into apartments and I can't imagine it would be easy to kick everybody out and renovate, but it somebody did I'll bet it would be spectacular when finished.  The second thing I discovered was this ENORMOUS mansion next door to it hiding coyly behind hideous siding:

This place is a little later than it's neighbor on the corner--  maybe 1880 or so-- and It looks like it has a bit of a garden in the back.  There's a lot of detail still on it but who know what's underneath all that siding:

Here's one of me at Turk and Broderick:

The neighborhood continues to improve and maybe one day we'll see this fabulous buildings returned to their original splendor.  I continued on Turk to Divisadero to Eddy to Taylor to O'Farrell to Powell to Post to Kearny to Bush to Sansome and then into work.
Monday, November 26

I headed home for lunch and got some more pics of the increasingly alarming foundation work that's being done on the house down the street.  The most alarming thing about this is that there are people living in the building while it sits on stilts resting in the dirt:

Here's a shot of me in front of the Cafe bar at Market and Castro. 

After work I headed out Sutter to Fillmore to Sacramento to Arguello to Cabrillo to the Great Highway and then down to Vicente to 15th Ave to Portola to Santa Ana to Monterey to Genessee and then into school.  After I went Foerster to Teresita to Evelyn to Portola to Corbett and then home.

Bike Mileage:
Today                             40.0
Week to date                  40.0
Month to date                753.3
Quarter to date           1,548.8

Over(Under) plan            (12.9)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, November 26

I got a late start because I still hadn't changed my flat tire from Saturday, and when I finally got going I rode Corbett to Portola to Woodside to Dewey to Taravel and then down to the coast.  I rode up the Great Highway and then went into Golden Gate Park at JFK I rode through the park and came out at the Panhandle.  I rode on the bike path to Baker and then went to Mcallister.  I rode down McAllister and took some pics of the beautiful buildings there.  This one is Beaux Artsilicous!


Check out the detail of this building in the entry:


I continued down McAllister into Civic Center where I got a nice view of the new Federal building on 8th St:

And also the gorgeous Asian Art Museum:

I continued McAllister to Larkin to Eddy.  This park is on Eddy and Jones across from the Tenderloin Police Station.  Maybe that neighborhood is finally cleaning up:

I continued on Eddy to 5th to Market to Sansome and into work.
Sunday, November 25

I didn't ride today because I was feeling kind of crappy so instead I watched cartoons all day and Mr. Poe just loves it when I do that.  I managed to get Rufus out for a nice, long walk so he was nice and sleepy, and I managed to get a pic of him and Mimi almost cuddling:

He even licked her a couple of times but she started snarling, as she does.
Saturday, November 24

I took Rufus for a long walk in the morning and then headed out on my bike.  I stopped at the house under renovation down the street.  It's TERRIFYING what they are doing to this place because I can't see how it can possibly be safe especially with people still living in the building!  They're removing the foundation and the entire front of the building is being held up by a couple of posts stuck in the dirt.  I hope they get this place shored up pretty quickly because it's going to rain sooner or later. 


Then I headed down Market Street.  Union square was packed with shoppers:

Then I headed down the Embarcadero.  This interesting sculpture is at Mission and Steuart:

I headed down to the Marina bu Pac Bell Park.  Here's a shot of me in front of the boats:

This is the view from the Marina

And this is the Marina itself:

I headed down 3rd street. The Circus is in town!  It's Cirque de Soleil  and I hadn't heard about it.

This is one of the fire houses on 3rd Street.  They're all brick and finely detailed. 

There's a bunch of cool things to see on 20th St. East of 3rd St.  The first is the wonderfully named Retox lounge.

Next is this building that I've photographed before.  It's abandoned now (I think) but I'm guessing it was once a customs house.  It screams "Please purchase me and turn me into luxury condos".  With the T line stop a block away, it's really only a matter of time:

These abandoned warehouses also look ripe for condo conversion if they don't fall over first:

Finally at the end of 20th street there seem to be some buildings that are being used:

Yet another abandoned building at 20th and Third:

This firehouse is on Tennessee Street in the dogpatch.  It's from the 1880's and is totally fabulous:

This is the view of Islais creek which looks cleaner and prettier every time I visit.  I totally saw a duck swimming in it!  Which is a market improvement from years past:

Yet another Firehouse on 3rd Street.  I think that they all went up at about the same time when the wharves were more active:

I turned on 3rd to Paul into Dwight to Brussels to Bacon to Cambridge to Pioche to Madison to Silver to Naples to Geneva to Ocean.  This cool looking house is on Ocean, although it's probably seen better days:

I continued on Ocean to Santa Ana.  You can see Saint Cecilia's From Santa Ana and Portola. 

I got on 14th ave to Vicente to 15th Ave and then up into Golden Gate Heights.  There's beautiful views of just about everything up there:

I continued on 15th to Aloha to Lawton.  Where I got a flat tire and realized I had no cartridges with me so I limped home on the flat, stopping every mile or so to fill it up with my hand pump.  I took Lawton to Locksley to Judah into Parnassus to Cole to Carmel to Clayton to Corbett and then home.

Bike Mileage:
Today                             20.0
Week to date                 167.3
Month to date                713.3
Quarter to date           1,508.8

Over(Under) plan              1.9