Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday, December 26

I took these pictures of Mimi yesterday while she was transfixed by a thunderstorm outside.  She's my little angel:

We headed off to the zoo in the morning.  So much fun.  So many cool animals:

Bored looking bear.....


Hung over looking kangaroos....

Polar bear also looking hung over. 

Must have been a hell of a party...

The penguins never seem to stop disco dancin'

This monkey was 1) wearing warm blanket, 2) reading a magazine, 3) drinking a beverage, and 4) giving me the evil side eye when she caught me chuckling at her.....

I love Prairie Dogs.  The rednecks of the rodent world:

The Childrens zoo:

Hello gorgeous!

Creepy red eyed duck:

This is the original entrance building for the zoo.  It's in deplorable condition and literally falling apart.  Such a shame.  It deserves better:

When we were leaving we saw this awesome building with a glamorous chartreuse panda paint job.  Me likey!

We had my frinds Ian and Tia over for dinner and it was lots of fun.  Christmas rocks!

Thursday, December 25

We had lots of fun at Christmas.  WIlfredo and Mike, Nathan and Daniel Fang, Russ and Kurt came over for a lavish feast concocted by Mr. Poe.  Nathan took the pictures and they turned out great. 

Daniel looked the festivest:

Nathan loves my little lady Mimi and he took many pics of her:

Ashley sat in everybody's lap.

Russ and Mike at the end of the evening:

Me so full of food that my mouth no longer closes:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday, December 23

It was wet and unpleasant in the morning and with Mr. Poe home for vacation I had a hard time getting out of the house in time to ride in the morning so I just came down Market into work.

After work I headed off Sansome to Washington to Columbus to North Point to Van Ness to Francisco to Laguna to Chestnut to Lyon and into the Presidio. I headed over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Usually we have to ride on the ocean side of the bridge but as it was early, I had to go on the bay side of the bridge.  Full of pedestrians but unusual views I don't usually get.  This is a creepy building at the foot of the bridge on the Marin side in Fort Baker. It's so sinister:

More glamour from Fort Baker

I headed up to the top of Marin Headlands.  Fantastic views:

The Golden Gate was named by John Fremont but he gave it the fabulous Latin name Chrysopolae.  Love it.

More glamour views:

Rodeo Beach from the top of Ike Turner Hill:

Me on Ike Turner Hill:

The Bridge from Conzelman:

I wanted to ride a little more but it started raining so I went home for snacks.

Bike Mileage:
Today                                            27.2
Week to date                                  27.0
Month to date                               593.9
Year to date                             10,659.9
Over Goal                                    659.9
Over (Under) plan                        878.5

Rolling Year                            10,864.5
Since Inception 10/1/07            13,197.9

Monday, December 22

After work I headed of Sansome to Jackson to Davis to drop off my dry cleaning and then up Broadway where I got a nice shot of the Transamerica Pyramid:

I continued up Broadway and got another shot of the Pyramid at Columbus:

I continued on Columbus to North Point to Van Ness to Francisco to Laguna to Chestnut to Lyon and into the Presidio.  I got on Lincoln to Storey.  These are some of the gorgeous buildings on Storey in the Presidio:

I continued on Storey to Ruckman to Ralston to Kobbe to Washington.  I got a few nice shots of the blustery afternoon from Immigrant Point:

Looking through the trees towards the Richmond:

Me at Immigrant Point:

Gorgeous Sky:

I continued on Washington to Wedermeyer where I stopped to note the progress of the conversion of the spooky hospital in the Presidio into luxury condos.  Which totally sounds like the plot to a slasher flick.  Which is why Mr. Poe and I won't be moving into the room where the sexy teens died a hundred years ago tonight.  They're demolishing the two newer wings of the hospital to make the project smaller which, apparently was a requirement made by the neighbors who were nervous about traffic. 

I came out of the Presidio at 15th Ave and took Lake to Arguello to Turk to Central to McAllister to Baker to Page to Scott to Duboce to Castro to 17th to Ord and home for dinner.  We headed over to REI to pick up my commuter bike after dinner.  It required a LOT more work than I was hoping it was going to need.  I'm prepping myself for sticker shock because my road bike goes in next month and everything for that is twice what the commuter bike costs.  Ouch!

Bike Mileage:
Today                                            29.8
Week to date                                  29.8
Month to date                               566.7
Year to date                             10,632.7
Over Goal                                    632.7
Over (Under) plan                        878.6

Rolling Year                            10,837.3
Since Inception 10/1/07            13,170.7