Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!  We headed off to Nob Hill for a super fantastic brunch.  Remembering Mr. Poe's immobility following last year's Christmas Brunch, we left a little early so that we could investigate Grace Cathedral on the way over.  Grace Cathedral is a spectacular church even though it's, you know, Episcopalian,  The construction is a bonanza of Gothic design and modern execution and it's almost unbelievable how beautiful it is:



Grace Cathedral is also home to the interfaith AIDS chapel.  The Episcopalian Church is a far more welcoming, accepting place than the Catholic Church, sadly. 

More Gothic liciousness:


We left the Cathedral and headed over to the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental for brunch at the Top of the Mark.  The hotel is my favorite in the city.  So deco and glamorous:

This is the view from our table:

This is Mr. Poe enjoying lunch:

This is him having enjoyed it:

Mr. Poe consumed enough shellfish to once again show up on a Greenpeace watch list.  I love going to the Top of the Mark.  Not a whole lot of options for me at the buffet, but I managed to put together a reasonable lunch and the kind waiter got me all liquored up on champagne.  After we went home and I took Rufus to the park while Mr. Poe slept off the meal.

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