Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tuesday, December 30

We had to take my truck in to get the shocks worked on.  It was my Christmas present.  Don't judge me.  When you've been  married as long as Mr. Poe and I have you can ask for whatever the hell you want for Christmas.  Big O Tires is on Geary at Cook.  The architecture in that neighborhood is pretty forgettable.  Mr. Nick used to live around there and I'd always bitch about when I went to go visit him.  But this gorgeous building is just across the street:

From there we headed over to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to go look at a few pieces from the legendary archaeologist and collector James Simon.  His collection is distributed among a bunch of museums in Berlin and elsewhere and they sent a bunch of it over.  It was the neatest exhibit I'd seen at the Legion of Honor which I usually associated with crappy exhibits and poorly thought out arrangements.  But not the James Simon exhibit.  It was awesome.  After, we walked around the permanent collection which is always my favorite part. 


I love these two paneled rooms.  They're my favorite part of the museum:


I also love Della Robbia.  What's not to love:

Glamorous ceiling:

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