Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday, February 7 2009

We got a pretty slow start because we were all up so late.  We dropped Mr. Poe off at the grocery store and we went to the Mission Dolores to look around.  It's a beautiful church.  This is the old mission that's built of mud brick and stucco:


Outside the old church:

This is an interesting mosaic we saw on one of the walls.  It's very modern:

Aunt Sheila and Athena in the garden:

The Mission cemetery is really beautiful.  It used to be much larger but a large part of it became a school playground.  Cue horror music:


Athena in the cemetery:

The more modern Mission church from the cemetery:

Mission Dolores is not my favorite church in the city but it is very pretty and has a lot of gorgeous details.  The windows are spectacular:

And there are incredible mosaics:

And a lot of gorgeous wood carvings as well:

The nave of the church:

The enormous dome:

We picked up Mr. Poe at the supermarket and went home and had a little lunch and then headed over to the Palace of the Legion of Honor with Athena's friend Steve to go see at the new Faberge, Cartier, and Lalique exhibit which you can read more about here.  It was a nice exhibit but kind of tiring because with luxury objects you really need to look at the detail to appreciate them so we were pretty beat by the time we were done.  Here we are the museum, less Steve because he was taking the picture:  

The Marin Headlands from the grounds:

We went home and rested and Mr. Poe made a light dinner and then we headed down to Chinatown to catch the dregs of the Chinese New Year Parade.  Then we went to Harveys in the Castro for more cocktails and then bed,  Another long day.

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