Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday, March 4 2009

Daddy's funeral was in the late morning at a Saint Rose of Lima, the church that they went to when he had been able.  Father Ortiz from the church had been coming for a couple of years to give him communion at the house.  He's a nice guy and I like him.  Mr. Poe had sent me with matching ties for Sam and I to wear.  We looked great.

The church was recently rebuilt after the last one was destroyed in a hurricane a couple of years ago.  It's simple, but pretty:

Here is the interior:

All of us before the funeral:

Father Ortiz had Sam and I do the readings.  He gave us a selection to choose from.  I told Sam that if Daddy was there he would have chosen the two shortest ones.  So that's what we did.  I gave the first reading.  Here's Sam giving the second:

Hannah and Eugene were pretty well behaved.  They got really bored by the end of the mass and I was able to amuse them using the swiveling LCD function of my camera so that they could look at themselves.  The output:

Hannah made a run for the altar towards the end of the service:

Aunts Sheila, Mary, and Sara:

This paining is in the vestibule.  It's totally Jesus with highlights in his hair.  Me Likey:

The family with Father Ortiz:

All of including the aunts:

After the service we went home and had lunch.  Sam and I went and picked up Daddy's ashes around 3:30.  Sam and Mom had chosen a very tasteful polished burl wood box for the ashes.  It's beautiful.  Some of the other choices were of a bit more questionable taste.  When I die please put my ashes into the three foot tall clam shell.  I'll haunt ya good if you don't.  We stopped to get a birthday cake for Youngran and then headed home to find my mom and aunts had gotten into the wine.  We are Irish, after all.

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