Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ugh!  I pretty much feel awful today because of the hectic Pride weekend.  Tired, hungover, and a little sunburned--  I feel like I've been ridden hard and put away wet.  I managed to get my ass out of the office for a little walk around lunchtime.  I headed down to the Embarcadero:

The foodie inside of the Embarcadero:

This pier is recent.  I love that locals are using it for fishing and that it isn't just a tourist thing:

The Bay Bridge from the pier

Looking back at the city:

A good friend will be moving into the Infinity towers soon.  He's very excited about it:

One Rincon Center:

This is the entrance to the PG&E building on Market.  It's an amazingly intricate Italianate building that was built in the 30's.  Likey!

The Hyatt hotel with it's famous revolving restaurant. All restaurants should rotate.

I headed back to the office and had an interesting conversation with my mom who seems to think that it's OK for me to start riding on the trainer in the house.  Which I'm going to try tonight.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 29, 2009

Pride Sunday!  We had people over for a boozy, boozy brunch.  Daniel and Nathan, Donald, Richard, and a couple of Mr. Poe's teachie friends.  We had a massive quantity of food and everybody, including the dogs, had a great time.  Nathan brought his magic camera and most of these pics are from him:

Daniel with Ashley.  Both of them look especially sassy:

Nathan with cocktail:


Ashley and Jeffery:

Mimi lurking.  She was pretty good all day and didn't send anybody to the emergency room.  You go, girl!

The dogs were pretty much wiped out by the time the food came out:

Me looking savage:

Nathan and Ashley:

Mr. Poe and Mimi.  She's all "Why won't these people leave???"


Sweet little Ashley:

Me with Daniel:

Mr. Poe and I needed a nap after the guest left and then I made up another batch of deviled eggs and we headed over to Ben and Courtney's for their housewarming party/Ben's birthday party.  I hope he likes the gift I got him!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I had all shades of fun on Saturday.  Mr Poe and I had tickets to the King Tut exhibit in the late afternoon.  I talked him into walking both ways.  Which was lots of fun because the weather was gorgeous.  I love going to the De Young because the building is so spectacular:

The Tut exhibit itself does not get a rave.  It was very small and not a great sampling of the actual collection and was kind if disappointing.  I was really surprised by this given the amount of fanfare that the exhibit had gotten and the fact that we had to pay $22.50 for tickets even though we were members.  And the asshole guards were on patrol and I got yelled at for using my Iphone to access the internet.  They need to do something about the guards at the De Young.  Some of them are just awful.  I've been to just about every museum in the city and many, many more worldwide and I've never been spoken to like the guards at the De Young do.  It's almost a reason not to go. 

I managed to talk Mr. Poe into walking home by promising him pizza in the Haight.  I got a few shots of the park as we headed over.  It was a glorious day.  Warm but not too hot, sunny, perfect.

The California Academy of Sciences:

A sculpture from the original De Young.  One of the few original pieced that remain on the site:

Some monument to Spanish Explorers:

Fabulous planting on JFK:

St. Ignatius from the Panhandle:

Hello gorgeous!

The view from the top of the Saturn Steps:

We went home and had a little dinner and I made some deviled eggs and then we headed over to a party at Jeff Nanney's house.  It got a little raucus:

We didn't stay too late because we were really, really tired.  We went home and went to bed.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

I got a whopping 10 hours of sleep last night.  Thank you, Ambien.  I'm feeling a lot better today as a result.  I had to go to the dentist today, but when I got there they told me they couldn't clean my teeth until I'd taken antibiotics an hour before my appointment because of my knee surgery and that I'd have to reschedule.  They probably should have told me that when I had to reschedule my original appointment because of knee surgery or when Mr. Poe had discussed my knee surgery with them on Tuesday.  But the fact of the matter is that I don't like going to the dentist and I wasn't going to quibble about the source of my reprieve even though it was likely their error.  I passive agrressively rescheduled my appointment for August and skipped my way down to Union Square.  I took some pics on the way:

I was out of my appointment too early to go to the comic store in the Castro so I went to the one on market and then got a burrito.  The wind was blowing and the flags on Market looked fabulous:

Financial District liciousness:

I went back to the office and ate my lunch and was in a burrito coma for several hours after.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm am not sleeping well.  Not at all.  I'm sleeping for about 45 minutes and then I'm getting a leg cramp or a muscle spasm and then I'm up and then I fall asleep again.  It's totally what I expected and it's going to be a recurring theme for a long time.  That doesn't mean I'm much fun to be around.  I couldn't get out of bed at all this morning.  I almost worked from home but I don't want get started doing that because getting moving again needs to be my top priority and working from home is more conducive to me sitting around and eating snacks all day.  Mr. Poe drove me to Muni.  This took some prodding.  There were multiple slurs hurled at both parties but in the end the "douchebag" who needed to "get off the cross because they need the wood" relented and dropped me off at the Castro Muni station.  My hero.

I don't understand these tiny cans of Diet Coke.  Not at all.  Are they sized for people for whom a twelve ounce can would be a deal breaker??  A coworker suggested that they're for guests.  I can imagine how that would work:  "I only like you a little so you're getting the eight ounce can.  Drink up and then get the fuck out!"

I went for a walk in the afternoon that perked me up quite a bit.  I'm sore pretty much everywhere but it's easy to get past that when the weather is agreeable.  I headed up to Nob Hill.

Stockton Street looking North from the top of the tunnel:

A Cable Car and the Ritz Carlton:

I think the Ritz Carlton building was at one point an art school. 

It's very finely detailed:

Grace Cathedral from Huntington Park:

The beautiful doors:

The view towards Russian Hill:

A pretty apartment building on Taylor:

The view down Washington:

Russian Hill:

I love this apartment building on Taylor which is both Modern and Traditional at the same time:

Interesting Detail:


Cool alley:

Empire apartment building on Jackson:

Asianlicious building on Jackson:

Telegraph Hill from Kearny:

Gorgeous facade on Jackson:

The firehouse on Sansome:

I'm hoping I'll get more sleep tonight.  Stay tuned!