Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Wednesday and that means comic books.  I walked away with five titles and they were all pretty good.

Amazing Spider Man #622 - Is awesome.  Funny, sad, thrilling.  Incredible.  The first feature is has Peter Parker going undercover to a vampire themed nightclub to retrieve a vial of his blood that his untrustworthy fuckbuddy Black Cat has sold.  Check out his vampire club drag.  Perfect:

The second feature is about Flash Thompson who lost his legs in Iraq last year.  It's very, very good.

Realm of Kings:  Inhumans #4/5 -- I somehow missed #3 and I'm gonna have to go get that because this has been a very good mini series.  It's funny and I like the story and the art.  But I don't think I've ever not liked anything with Medusa in it.  But Ronan the Accuser grows on me:

New Avengers #62
-- Was good.  I can't wait until the Siege storyline ends but this issue had its moments.  I especially like the Living Laser.  He's been one of my favorite Avenger villians forever.  Here he is getting his ass kicked by Luke Cage:

Ms. Marvel #50 --  Was good. I bought it because it was issue #50 and thought it would be more badass as a result.  It wasn't bad.  I'm hoping in a couple months she'll be back in the army and commanding a helicarrier because that was the best I've seen this series be:

Avengers:  The Initiative #33 -- Was the weak one of the bunch.  I wasn't crazy about the art.  But it had its moments:

Overall a good week!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've been very lazy this week.  The weather was great on Monday and Tuesday morning and I should have gone riding but slept in instead.  I only really blame myself for Tuesday.  Sunday was such a cold, wet slog that there was no way I was gonna get out of bed Monday morning.

This morning I walked Rufus for a while.  I got a bit of a late start and only went a little over four miles but we had a lot of fun although it was a little wet.  We headed over to Noe Valley and then went up Vicksburg.  I've been on Vicksburg quite a bit lately.  It's got great architecture:

Pretty symmetry on 22nd Street:

This is the view over the Mission from Sanchez and 20th.  Wet wet wet:

Springs in bloom on Sanchez Street:

Rufus loves to go!


It was nice to get some exercise this morning.  I haven't been sleeping well this week because of lack of activity.   I bet I'll sleep tonight.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today was not a great day for the CAT2 training.  Yet trained we did.  We rode around Tiburon and it was raining and miserable a generally awful.  But a handful of us did it.  Here we are:

James:  Supermodel:

Assembly of the damned:

Stretching of the doomed:

We got done reasonably early because it was way too cold to linger too long in any one place.  I picked up a bottle of wine on the way home for medicinal purposes.  Mr. Poe was waiting for me at home and I took a very long shower.  I discovered that I managed to get mud INSIDE of my bike shorts.  Unpleasant.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date164.0
Month to date303.6
Year to date659.1
Rolling Year7,065.4
Since Inception 10/1/0721,828.9

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday I led a Different Spokes ride out to Point Reyes Station.  I thought we rode pretty well.  I felt stronger than I've felt since my accident which was nice.  Here's the gang at the Golden Gate Bridge on the way out (Brian, Serge, Wanderson and Doug):

We headed out to Fairfax and then into Samuel P Taylor Park before heading to Olema.  This buiding is only about 20 years old but it fits very well into the older architecure in Olema.  Likey:

Me in Olema:

We headed to Point Reyes Station and then around Nicasio Resevoir before heading home.  I stopped at the top of the hill on Nicasio Valley Road for a pic of pretty San Geronimo Valley:

Gorgeous, gorgeous route:

Here's everybody at Perry's in Fairfax on the way home:

I stopped on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge for this pic of yet another storm slowly sliding its way into the Bay Area.  I'm hoping my Lifecycle training ride tomorrow is going to be a go:

I went home and got cleaned up.  I'm supposed to go to a fundraising party tonight and I'm trying desperately to stay up til 9.  It's sad, really.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date121.6
Month to date261.2
Year to date616.7
Rolling Year7,054.0
Since Inception 10/1/0721,786.5

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday I took Nathan out to lunch in continence of his birthday celebration.  I got a couple of shots of his building while I waited for him:


Pretty One Rincon Center:

After work I headed off for drinks with Nathan.   He was having drinks with some friends and I totally invited myself.  I tried not to be an embarrassment but was not successful at that.  It was at the View in the Marriott which has an unbelievably spectacular view:

Nathan plotting against his enemies:

After we left we went out for dinner at Millennium which is a vegetarian restaurant I've been wanting to go to forever but Mr. Poe would hate it there because of the lack of meat.  It's an incredible restaurant with spectacular food and it's amazing that I could eat anything off of the menu.  So you should take me to Millennium.  I will totally put out.  Seriously. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I went for a walk after work Thursday and headed up to Telegraph Hill.  It was cold and foggy but the view was still spectacular.  This is the view looking towards the Bay Bridge from Montgomery and Filbert.  I love the incredible Deco apartment building on the left:

Coit Tower:

Then I headed through Chinatown:

And then I headed to Muni where I saw this add for Dockers pants.  It didn't make me want to buy pants but it did remind me that they have to patrol the men's room in the basement because of all the horny chesters.

Before heading home I went into Westfield Center to confirm that they are indeed opening a Loving Hut there.  It's true!  I can't wait.  Their food is fucking awesome but way too far of a schlep in North Beach.  I'm gonna eat there all the time when they open.  Win!

I went home and had dinner and went to bed.  I was totally beat.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I stopped by the comic book store at lunch and was very pleased with most of this week's purchases.

Guardians of the Galaxy #23 -- Was incredible!  It keeps getting better and better if you can believe it.  The art is incredible.  The story is incredible.  Love, love, love it.

Amazing Spider Man #621 --  I have a hard time figuring out how they can publish this book three times a month without it ever getting stale.  This might have been the best one of the Gauntlet arc so far.  It's awesome.

Dark Avengers #14 -- Was pretty weak and I wish I'd gotten something else but it's ending in May so I'm still sticking with it but I'm not quite sure why.  Meh.

Avengers vs Atlas #2/4 -- Was just OK.  I really like the Agents of Atlas which is why I'm buying these but the story is pretty weak.  There was a second feature which was better than the main story and kind of funny.

Doctor Voodoo #5 --  I almost didn't get this and was pretty sure I wasn't going to like it but I did. The story is pretty engaging and the art is nicely psychedelic which kind of calls to mind the classic Dr. Strange's of the 60's.  Likey!

Sadly, they seem to have stopped carrying Chick-O-Sticks but I suppose I'll learn to live with it.  After dinner I baked Nathan a birthday cake and then went to bed. 

I was unable to get myself roused for biking this morning and went back to bed :(.  When I finally did get my ass out of bed I headed down to the office on Muni and tried very hard not to drop Nathan's cake partly because I worked hard on it and presume he will enjoy it's chocolaty goodness but mostly because I feared for my life should I happen to damage Mr. Poe's Pyrex into which it is baked.  There was the seventy or so year old Chinese lady on the train and she was wearing this fuchsia satin coat covered with iridescent purple sequins and with fur trim all around it.  At 9AM!  Rock on, honey, I wish I could I take my game to that level at that hour of the morning.  I was pleased I'd remembered to put on shoes.

I got Nathan's cake to him around lunch time and then headed home for lunch.  I'm still kind of sleepy.  I just can't get it together today.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday was gorgeous.  It was warm and sunny and about time.  I to run errands in the Castro after work and tons of people were milling about.  I got some new books at the library, stopped by the grocery store and picked up my dry cleaning and then headed home for dinner.  By the time I was walking the dogs at 8:00 it had cooled off considerably.

It was incredibly foggy this morning.  And damp.  Like riding in the refrigerator.  I headed off 17th to Eureka to 18th to Valencia to Mission to Silver to Alemeny to Sagamore to Brotherhood Way to Lake Merced to John Muir to Skyline to the Great Highway and up the coast.  I went into Golden Gate Park at MLK and took that to Middle to Transverse to JFK and came out of the park at 8th.  I took 8th to Lake to Clay to Fillmore to Post and stopped in Japantown because there was finally enough light for a few pics.  Crazy:

Peace Plaza:


I continued on Post to Laguna and stopped for pics of some of the glorious Victorians at Laguna and Fell:

I continued on Laguna to Market to 17th to Ord and home to get cleaned up for work.  The fog was already burned off by the time I headed down to Muni.  It's gonna be gorgeous today.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date38.0
Month to date177.6
Year to date533.1
Rolling Year7,034.0
Since Inception 10/1/0721,702.9

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I slept in on Monday and didn't go riding even though the weather permitted. Bad Joseph!  I partially blame Mr. Poe who had the day off and lazed around like some kind of teenager until 7:15 before getting out of bed.  I also blame Ashley Jr. who blows his poodle dust into your face that compels you to go to back to bed and wake up at a decent hour and then make him some breakfast. 

This morning I was able to get my ass out of bed and I headed out on my bike.  I took Corbett to Portola to Woodside to Dewey to Taravel and down to the coast.  I came up the Great Highway and ran into very dense fog at about Balboa that hung around for the rest of my ride.  I continued up to Geary to 34th and up to the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  Which I could barely see in the fog:

I got on Camino Del Mar to Lake to Arguello to Clay to Fillmore to Pacific to Polk.  This is a super foggy view up Polk Street:

This is the recently completed United Church of Christ church.  It's very, very nice.  Modern but not so much and it fits in the site:

I continued down Polk and stopped at Civic Center.  Still very, very foggy:

Pretty City Hall:


I continued on Polk to Market to 17th to Ord and home to get ready for work.  The fogs gonna burn off and it's gonna be gorgeous today.  I can't wait.