Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday I stayed in and cooked for a dinner party we were throwing that night.  We made tapas and everything turned out pretty well.  After we went to the Castro to watch 'Death Becomes Her'  starring Peached Christ.  It was OK but not fabulous.

Sunday I headed down to the Peninsula and went riding with Chris Thomas.  I don't ride outside of Marin a lot and it was such a treat.  We had a great time.  I'm not exactly sure where all we went but it was awesome.  Here are some pics:

Chris at Canada College:

Quarry Lake:

I headed home and got cleaned up and then we went to Wanderson's birthday/citizenship party.  We headed home early and went to bed.  I was beat.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date132.9
Month to date365.3
Year to date6,414.0
To Goal1,586.0
Over (Under) plan(73.7)
YTD Mileage vs Last Year1,575.7
Rolling Year6,997.1
Since Inception 10/1/0740,340.9

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday I came into work down Market in the morning and went to the gym.  I headed home for lunch and then went for a nice ride after work.  I headed off Sansome to Jackson to Davis to drop off my laundry and then continued to Broadway to Columbus to Stockton to North Point.  I stopped for a few pics of the super fantastic Fontana Towers:

I continued on North Point to Van Ness to Francisco to Octavia to Greenwich to Lyon and into the Presidio.  I rode around the Presidio and tried to get some different views than I normally do:

I headed over to Immigrant Point which I always love:

I came out of the Presidio at the Arguello Gate and too Jackson to Cherry to Washington.  I stopped for a pic of this gorgeous home at Maple:

I continued on Washington to Lyon to Jackson.  This is the Willis Polk designed Gibbs House which is all decked out for Halloween:

I continued on Jackson to Steiner to Pacific to Taylor to California to Polk to McAllister to Laguna to Market and home for dinner.  We tried to go to bed early but Rufus was restless all night and we didn't get a lot of sleep.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date55.0
Month to date287.4
Year to date6,336.1
To Goal1,663.9
Over (Under) plan(63.9)
YTD Mileage vs Last Year1,515.4
Rolling Year6,936.8
Since Inception 10/1/0740,263.0
Seven Day Change(0.2)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I worked from home on Monday.  Tuesday I managed to get up early and went for a nice ride before work.  It was kind of nuts because it was gorgeous in the castro/mission but so very foggy west of twin peaks and in the excelsior.  I don't get how that works.  I headed off Corbett to Clayton to Parnassus to 6th to Kirkham and down to the coast.  I headed down the Great Highway to Ulloa to 45th to Sloat to Sunset to Lake Merced to Font to Holloway to Harold to Ocean to Phelan to Judson to Gennessee to Hearst to Edna to Monterey to San Jose ti 29th to Tiffany to Valencia to 22nd.  This is a former pharmacy that is now the restaurant Boogaloos:

I continued on 22nd and stopped for a pic of this gorgeous Victorian at York:

I continued on 22nd to Potrero and got a pic of the new construction at San Francisco General:

I took Potrero to 17th to Kansas to 16th to Terry Francois and stopped for a pic from Bay Front Park:

I continued on Terry Francois to 3rd.  I got a couple of pics after I crossed Mission Creek:

I took 3rd to Embarcadero to Folsom and stopped over at Mr. Chris's to drop off a laptop.  He's doing some upgrades to the macs at my house.  They're still on Leopard!  Don't judge.  I took Main to California to Sansome and into work. 

I stayed downtown for lunch and then went to the gym late in the day.  After I headed off Sutter to Polk.  I stopped for a pic at  Fern:

I continued on Polk to Pacific to Webster to Clay where I stopped for a pic at Walnut.  I love the sun shining on all of these beautiful homes:

I continued on Clay to Spruce to Washington to Arguello to Lake to 8th and into Golden Gate Park.  I headed over to the Music Concourse and got a pic of the sun starting to set behind the De Young:

I headed over to MLK and then came out of the park at 9th and took it to Judah to 7th into Laguna Honda to Portola to Corbett to Ord and home for dinner.  After dinner I got cleaned up and we went to bed early.  It was a very long day.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date29.6
Month to date262.0
Year to date6,310.7
To Goal1,689.3
Over (Under) plan(67.4)
YTD Mileage vs Last Year1,490.0
Rolling Year6,918.9
Since Inception 10/1/0740,237.6
Seven Day Change(0.6)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday morning we had brunch for Megan who was in town visiting.  I was up at 8AM carmelizing onions but I think it all worked out.  After they left we headed over to the house we lived in before the place we lived now.  It's back up for sale and we wanted to give it a proper snoop.  They guy that bought it did a lot of work on it and it looks fantastic.  Click here to see.  After that I headed to the Lookout for Jocks Sunday which is a fundraiser they run every Sunday that raises money for athletic organizations.  They're lots of fun and we made almost $1,000 which is pretty great.  I did quite a bit of jello shot selling and we sold out on them by 6PM which was amazing.  My friend Vic showed up and I hadn't seen in forever and also Mr. Chris and David.  Mr. Poe showed up towards the end.  Here he is with Wanderson:

Me with Peter.  I think we can describe my appearance as 'worse for wear'.

We headed home from there.  I didn't manage to stay up too late.  Apparently, I'd had a lot to drink that day.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday was our monthly Different Spoke jersey ride.  We had a great turnout with a bunch of brand new riders which was fantastic.  Some of us headed to Tiburon but a couple of us went to Fairfax for the 'Biketoberfest' event.  Which was only kind of cool.  But Wanderson got registered for the Lifecycle and I ran into my boss so it's all good.  Here's everybody at the top of Camino Alto on the way home:


We came home through Fort Bake and stopped for some pics right before the climb to the Golden Gate Bridge:


I got home and got cleaned up.  Mr. Poe had taken the dogs on a long walk and poor little Ashley Jr. was exhausticated:

After dinner we went to bed early.  It had been a long day.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date15.5
Month to date185.6
Year to date6,234.3
To Goal1,765.7
Over (Under) plan(78.0)
YTD Mileage vs Last Year1,483.2
Rolling Year6,904.6
Since Inception 10/1/0740,161.2
Seven Day Change(1.2)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  I came in mid day on Wednesday and then after work I headed over to Mr Chris's because we were going out for his birthday.  It was gonna be a late night on a school night so Mr. Poe couldn't make it.  We went to R&G Lounge which was light on the vegetarian food but heavy on the beer so I wasn't complaining.  Here's Mr. Chris in front of a whole mess of fried crab:

Brook has 'Jazz Hands':

Nathan and I looking exceedingly sober:

I got home quite late and worked from home for the rest of the week.  Fun party!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday I came down Market and headed to the gym before work.  I headed home for lunch and got some pics of Mr. Poe's garden while I was trying very hard to see what was going on with the police car at the top of the court:

Mr. Poe made a bunch of jack-o-lanterns.  Much better than anything I could do:

We got these nobby pumpkins.  I love them--  they look like they have acne:

I headed back to work and was pretty wiped by the end of the day.  I headed over to Mr. Chris and hung out with him for a while.  Mr Chris totally blew my mind.  My phone number is one digit off from a police detective and I get calls meant for him every once in a while.  But last night Mr. Chris pointed out that the detective must be also getting calls meant for me.  Amazing.   I wonder how many times that detective has had to respond to a cheery "Hey girl!" when he answered the phone.  I headed home after and it was a total disaster because Obama was in town and traffic was a total disaster.   I got home and had dinner and then we went to bed.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date15.5
Month to date185.6
Year to date6,234.3
To Goal1,765.7
Over (Under) plan31.6
YTD Mileage vs Last Year1,483.2
Rolling Year6,904.6
Since Inception 10/1/0740,161.2
Seven Day Change0.4

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday I led a Different Spokes ride up Mount Tam.  I coordinated with David Gaus and I led San Francisco-Mill Valley-Mt. Tam-Fairfax and then we me up with them in Fairfax and did the same route in reverse.  I rode David and Gordon who were fresh off of a cycling trip in Tuscany that sounded amazing.  Here they are heading up Tam:

The coast was socked in with fog as we headed to Fairfax.  It's so pretty when you're looking down at it.  It looks like frosting:

We headed past Alpine Dam Lake and into Fairfax.  David and Gordon didn't realize that Perry's in Fairfax had french fries.  Now they know.  French fries are awesome when you've been sweating a lot because they're basically a delivery system for salt. 

David Gaus had a bunch of riders show up and one of them was Wanderson which was fabulous because seeing him is always a special treat.  Here we are in Fairfax:

Wanderson--  did I mention he's doing ALC next year and tenting with me?  Squeal!:

We also had some Patrick Wolf riding with us which was also a treat.  He's so nice:

We headed to Alpine Dam Lake which is looking a little low:

Wanderson and I at Alpine Dam Lake:


The fog had cleared from much of the coast as we headed back to Mill Valley:

Half of us went up the rest of the way to the top of Mt Tam, but the sane people, me included, headed down to Cafe Del Soul for lunch.  Afterwards we headed back to San Francisco and stopped at Fort Baker to watch the Blue Angels.  It was the perfect place to watch them--  they're amazing.  I never would have believed in a million years that aircraft could fly in that tight of a formation unless I'd seen it with my own eyes.  Amazing.  This is Dennis and David in Fort Baker:

The view:

We headed back over the bridge.  I planned a way back to the Castro that avoided Golden Gate Park because Hardly Strictly Bluegrass was gonna be breaking up and I didn't want to deal with all the people and traffic around the park.  So we cut through Japantown and then went to the Castro on Laguna which worked out pretty well.  I got home and Mr. Poe wanted to go to see his friend Megan who was in town and at a party in Bernal Heights so I got cleaned up in record time and we headed over.  I was totally beat when we got back and I watched a little TV and then I went to bed.


Bike Mileage:

Week to date170.1
Month to date170.1
Year to date6,218.8
To Goal1,781.2
Over (Under) plan38.0
YTD Mileage vs Last Year1,467.7
Rolling Year6,889.1
Since Inception 10/1/0740,145.7
Seven Day Change0.6