Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday was 'Walk to Work Tuesday'!  I walked before work, over lunch and then after work and my mileage came in at more than 15 which is nice.  I left the house with Mr. Poe in the morning and started out by heading over to Liberty Hill and then Dolores Park:

I headed into the Mission.  These pretty homes are on 20th. 

It was a little sketchy in the Mission as it was still really early and the only people on the street were suspicious.  Perhaps including me.  I headed over to Potrero Hill and got a bunch of pics.  I like Potrero Hill--  it's got beautiful homes and fantastic views but it's ringed by some of the worst neighborhoods in the city and you have to be just a little more careful over there.  Lovely views:

This is more an extended community garden than a staircase but it goes all the way from Rhode Island to De Haro at 19th:

Some of Potrero Hill's beautiful homes:

I headed down to Bay Front Park and took some pics:

I walked back into work via the Embarcadero where once again I was frustrated in my attempt to get pepples donuts.  So I ended up eating junk food all day which wasn't a very good compromise.  I'm gonna stick to Whole Foods vegan donuts because they are always open when they say they're gonna be open and they presumably always have them.  I headed out over lunch to go get a new battery in my watch at Macy.  I headed there via pretty Joice Street which has lovely steps:

I then had the bright idea to walk home after work.  I started off on Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower:

The view of the bay from the entrance to Pioneer Park:

Twisty Lombard Street:

I got home about a half an hour late.  I would have only been ten minutes late but I spent 20 minutes in Whole Foods finally getting the donuts that had been denied to me all day and whose substitutes had not provided sufficient satisfaction.  Worth it?  Probably.  I had dinner and got cleaned up and went to bed.  Early, of course.

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