Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

I walked to work on Monday and had a great walk through the Mission and over Potrero Hill and then through Mission Bay to SOMA.  I dropped Mr. Poe off at Castro Muni and headed over to Dolores Park.  I love the new playground they've put in at Dolores Park.  It's so nice!  It's so pretty it seems almost like a mirage:

These pretty homes are on 20th between Dolores and Guerrero.  It's in the Liberty Hill Historic District:

I headed through the Mission and then up Potrero Hill.  It's a little sketchy in the Mission early in the morning.  This is not a walk I'd want to do in the winter when the sun doesn't rise until late.  But there's a lovely view from the top of Potrero Hill:

This is is the pretty firehouse on Wisconsin at 22nd:

Glorious views of the bay:

I headed over to Mission Bay which is still a little creepy and empty in the mornings but it's getting there:

There's a lot of construction going on in Mission Bay.  It's crazy:

This is formerly awful now pretty Mission Creek:

South Beach:

I stopped at the Whole Foods on Harrison for donuts and had a hard time finding them and I was starting to think they didn't have them but luckily they do.  I got a chocolate and a crumb donut and I enjoyed them both very much.  I headed into work.  I went home for lunch and then took a spin class after work that properly kicked my ass.  Well done.  Then I headed home where Mr. Poe had dinner a'waitin'.  After dinner I got cleaned up and continued my work on my music collection.

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