Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday was 'Walk to Work' Monday.  I headed out with Mr. Poe and then dropped him off at Muni and headed off for Duboce Park.  It was a wet morning and there weren't a lot of people about:

Then I headed over to pretty Koshland Park which has a lovely view of Civic Center from between the trees:

Then I headed over to Patricia's Green which is what they've named the greenspace on Octavia between Fell and Hayes.  It looks better every time I go.  Fabulous:

I love the Raudenbush's 2010 Burning Man piece called 'Future's Past':

Hayes Valley is also getting some pretty fantastic murals:

You can see 100 Van Ness in the background.  It's being repurposed into an updated structure that's gonna look FABULOUS:

This is Keith Sklar's 1989 'Learning Wall' at Franklin and Hayes.  Faded or fabulous?  You be the judge:

I walked around Civic Center and got a bunch of pics of the beautiful buildings.  San Francisco just gets better and better:

I headed over to Mission Street which is pretty gritty in the morning.  Luckily, I walk fast.  This recent mural is on Mission between 8th and 7th and I'm almost positive it's on the site of a building that burned down a couple of years ago.  They had a lot of trouble putting the fire out and their was foam all over Mission Street:

The fantastic federal building:

This recent mural is on Natoma at 6th:

I headed over to the Whole Foods on 4th and Harrison and got some donuts and greedily devoured them as I walked through Yerba Buena.  This is the view up Yerba Buena Lane from Mission:

I headed over to Grant and got a pic of the Chinatown gate:

I headed into the office.  I went home for lunch and didn't notice that I'd left my house keys at work until I was already on Douglass.  Fuck!  I headed back and got them and went home to let the dogs out.  I don't know what was up with me in the afternoon because I cleaned out my desk for change and ate junk food all afternoon.  After work I went to my spin class which was awesome and then I went home for dinner.  After, I got cleaned up and went to bed.

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