Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday I got up early and walked to work.  I had intended to go to Potrero Hill but I realized I'd forgotten stuff by Dolores Park and had to go home to fetch.  By then it was a little late for Potrero so I headed over to the Haight instead.  I love this home on Haight at Baker.  It's super fantastic:

This recentish-mural is on McAllister at Divisadero.  It isn't incredible but it's very pretty.  Isn't that enough?:

I made my way over to Japantown and bravely walked over a homeless encampment to get the view from the bridge over Steiner:

Then I headed into Japantown Center which was completely empty yet open.  It's super spooky in there when nobody is around.  I got a couple pics:

Buchanan between Post and Sutter:

I headed over to Whole Foods for some donuts which I liked quite a bit better than the ones I had on Sunday.  I had a chocolate one with peanuts on it and a vanilla one with coconut.  They were very, very good.

I headed home for lunch and hosed off my backpack and sleeping pad from the Lifecycle.  Once they are dried, packed and stowed then I will be completely finished cleaning up after the ride.  Which is more than a little bit atypical for me but Mr. Poe is delighted not to have to put up with the mess.  After work I got my hair cut and then Miss Smith collected me and we went for a walk.  I said goodbye to him at Van Ness and Polk and walked home as quickly as possible for dinner.  Which I at a huge quantity of.  Then I got cleaned up and went to bed.  I walked in total around eleven miles.

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