Monday, July 15, 2013

Friday, June 12, 2013

Thursday I came into work down Market and headed home for lunch to meet our house guest Brendan who showed up mid day.  I headed home up Market after work for dinner.

Friday I got up early and took Mr. Poe to the airport.  He's in Hawaii for a week so be prepared for a full week of bitching from those who've been 'left behind'.  I didn't have enough time to make it to the gym before work but I did have enough time to walk to work down Market so I did that.  Not the most super fantastic experience.  Market is pretty rough in the morning with assorted pockets of homeless and sundry sketchy individuals.  But it was still more fun than Muni so I'm not gonna bitch.  I headed to my spinning class mid day where the guy is back to his crazy high school bullshit ways.  He actually turned the music off to yell at me this time.  Evidently I wasn't at an 8.  Working on perfecting my eye roll.  After work I took Muni into Cole Valley and then went for a fantastic walk over Forest Hill and then Twin Peaks.

I started off walking into Golden Gate Park and I headed over to the Koret Playground and the lovely Sharon Art Studio which is in a fantastic Romanesque revival building in the park:

There's also a carousel which is very pretty:

From there I headed up to 8th avenue and pretty Windsor Park:

Then up into Forest Hill which had so many gorgeous homes:

This is the view looking down the Pacheco Steps:

This is the view from the other side looking back at the stairs I'd come down.  So swanky:

Then I headed up to Midtown Terrace.  It's a fantastic midcentury that seems to be getting in better condition as real estate prices in the area tick up.  I'm hoping that this neighborhood doesn't fall victim to runaway additions ruining the scale of the neighborhood.  Because right now it's complete perfection:

I headed home and met up with Brendan.  We had dinner and then I went to bed early.  It had been a long day.

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