Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday was walk2werk Monday!  It was very foggy when I woke up, and I think I probably should have chosen a different route because of that because my walk to Balboa Park BART was super foggy and drizzly.  I headed off from my house and up the Pemberton Steps and then up to Midtown Terrace west of Twin Peaks.  I think I've figured out why this neighborhood remains a little sleepy and out of the way.  This is the weather there much of the time:

My destination was Sunnyside Playground which has seen quite a bit of improvement in the last couple of years.  I'm not sure which bond issue financed it but it looks fantastic:

I got a couple more pics of cute houses as I made my way from Mangels to Colon and then down to Ocean for donuts at Whole Foods:

I headed home for lunch and Mr. Poe had almost finished getting the house sorted.  I managed to not make a terrible mess while he was gone but I'm afraid I just don't have the eye for domestic perfection that he does.  After work I headed over for my spin class but the instructor was sick and they didn't have a sub so class was canceled.  They let us into the spin studio so I put on some headphones and spun for an hour.  It's harder to organize a spin workout than you'd think.  I got a great workout but I didn't feel like I was really challenged in the way that am when there's an instructor.  After class I did a little shopping on my way home because Mr. Poe's birthday is coming up and I'm still working on what I'm gonna get him.  After, I headed home for dinner and then went to bed early.  It's so good to have Mr. Poe back.  Finally, all is well in the world.

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