Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday I got up incredibly early and started cooking.  I had a very busy day planned and I needed and early start.  I made a banana pudding for the pos ped potluck and some custard for ice cream I was making later that night.  After it was all ready I got cleaned up and we went to the grocery store which was surprisingly empty given that it was pride weekend.  We headed home and then wet over to Crispin's for the potluck.  We couldn't stay long but it was great to see everybody.  I wish I'd taken some pics.  I sent Mr. Poe home and took Muni downtown to collect Quela.  We headed home and hung out until she had to leave for the airport and I had to finish making dinner.  We had a few people over for dinner.  Mr. Poe made steaks on the grill and I cranked out, among other things, this entirely respectable potatoes anna:

Dinner was really fun and unsurprisingly boozy.  The guests left around 9 and Mr. Poe and I went right to bed.  We were beat.

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