Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday I came into work Market to Laguna to McAllister to Polk to Pacific to Powell to Jackson to Columbus to Clay to Sansome.  I headed home for lunch where I learned that poor Mr. Poe has been saddled with jury duty yet again and will be spending the last bit of his summer at some civil trial.  This is like the zillionth time he's been on a jury.  I think they really look for school teachers because they tend to have a propensity for listening carefully and following directions.  I headed back to work and then after went on a nice ride.

I headed off 2nd to Howard to 11th to Harrison to 21st to Valencia to Tiffany to 29th to San Jose to Monterey where I ran into my friend Gabe walking home from work.  It's nuts how many people I know who live in the Sunnyside.  I continued on Monterey to Northgate to Darien.  Darien is a pretty street in a neighborhood called 'Mt. Davidson Manor' according to Google.  It's got underground utilities which is a nice perk and a bunch of pretty Mediterranean style homes.  I got a bunch of pics as I headed down it:


I continued on Darien to Santa Ana that has a pretty footpath that connects Upland with San Fernando:

I continued on Santa Ana to Ocean to Paloma.  This is the Ingleside Gate at Paloma:

I took Paloma to Mercedes to 20th to Eucalyptus to Clearfield into 34th to Yorba to 35th to Vicente to 18th to Ulloa to 17th to Taravel to Merced to Hernandez to Laguna Honda to Portola to Corbett and home for dinner.  After I got cleaned up and went to bed early.  I still don't feel like I'm caught up on sleep since Mr. Poe was out of town and nobody got any rest.  But I'm getting there.

Bike Mileage:

Today 26.8
Week to date 52.3
Month to date 425.4
Year to date 5,329.2
To Goal 2,670.8
Over (Under) plan 748.4
YTD Mileage vs Last Year 70.3
Rolling Year 6,560.1
Since Inception 10/1/07 45,796.9

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