Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday was Mr. Poe's birthday--  the most important day of the year at my house.  Mr. Poe loves his birthday more than anybody else I know.  He literally looks forward to it for months.  I cooked all day and we had Mr. Chris and David over for dinner.  I made a gratin de morue a la lyonnaise which is a casserole of vegetables and cod in a cream and onion sauce.  I'll post the recipe to my cooking blog as soon as I get it together.  It was a two man job getting it out of the oven when it was done:

No pics of Mr. Poe opening his birthday presents.  He won't open them for several days because his birthday isn't over until he opens all of his presents.  So cute!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

I've been maintaining my blog on both my old xanga site and blogger (this site) since the beginning of January.  I have a lot of photo storage on xanga that I've paid into perpetuity and so I was thinking that I'd just keep loading my photos on xanga and then maintaining posts on both sites until I ran out of storage on xanga and then I'd move everything to blogger.  But over the weekend, xanga began an upgrade that's still not complete that's had the effect of breaking all of my photo links on the blogger site.  So I'm thinking what I'm going to do is migrate all of it off of xanga which is going to take forever but at the end of the day my blog will be entrusted to google and not people whose upgrades take five days and whose site is so crappy that they have to post their upgrade announcements on twitter.  Twitter!  Anyway, it's a huge project but I'll be happy when it's done.

Thursday I came into work Market to Octavia to Hayes to Van Ness to Grove to Polk to O'Farrell to Post to Kearny to Clay to Sansome and into work.  I headed home for lunch and then I took muni into Cole Valley after work and went for a long walk before dinner.  It was about 7 miles.  I started off by heading over to Presidio Heights.  I got some pics as I headed down Washington St:


 I headed over to Pacific Heights and made my way towards the Lyon Steps:

Warning:  this residence is guarded:

The Lyon Steps:

I took Broadway over to Divisadero and then got on Vallejo:

I headed over to Fillmore and then made my way over to Japantown Center.  Have I somehow not been in this part of the mall ever? 


 Then I headed over to the Castro where I had dinner with Mr. Poe at La Mediterranee.  Very good.  After we headed home and went to bed.  I was beat!  It had been a very long day.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday I was up early and went for a ride before work.  It was incredibly foggy and damp and pretty miserable west of Twin Peaks.  I headed out 18th to Valencia to Mission to Silver to Alemeny to Sagamore to Brotherhood to Lake Merced.  I stopped for a soggy view of Lake Merced:

This is the concrete bridge that crosses Lake Merced.  It's a little gloomy in its current condition and could use some freshnin':

I took Lake Merced to John Muir to Skyline to the Great Highway and into Golden Gate Park at MLK.  I headed over to Stow Lake and got some pics of the romantic and incredibly foggy views:

I headed over to JFK and came out of the park at 8th.  I took 8th to Lake to Clay to Fillmore to Pacific to Taylor to Clay to Sansome and into work.  I headed home for lunch and was pretty beat by the end of the day.  I attempted to find alternate plans, but as Mr. Chris and Miss Smith already had plans I went for a ride.  I headed off Pacific to Fillmore to Sacramento.  I hadn't ridden Sacramento in a while and I got a couple of pics on the way.  The library is gorgeous:

And there are a lot of pretty buildings:

I continued on Sacramento to Arguello to Cabrillo to 8th and into Golden Gate Park. I headed over to the Music Concourse and then took MLK and got out of the park at 9th.  I took that to Judah to 7th into Laguna Honda to Dewey to Claremont to Portola to Santa Clara into Monterey to San Jose to Duncan to Valencia to 18th to Douglass to 17th to Ord and home for dinner.  After dinner I cooked a rice curry for Thursday night and then I went to bed.  I was beat.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date57.7
Month to date481.3
Year to date5,964.0
To Goal2,036.0
Over (Under) plan638.0
YTD Mileage vs Last Year587.6
Rolling Year6,949.5
Since Inception 10/1/0746,431.7

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday I slept in and went in to work a little late.  Over lunch I had to head over to Mission to buy some salt cod for Mr. Poe who has requested that I make him a gratin de morue a la lyonnaise for his birthday on Saturday and it takes 3 or 4 days to make.  I'll make sure that I take a lot of pics when I'm making it and post to my cooking blog because it's one of those fancy fancy Julia Child recipes from the sixties and the first time I made it Mr. Poe was dancing around the kitchen and eating it out of the pan.  That, my friends, is how you know you have a winner.  After I had the genius idea to go get a burrito and eat it in Dolores Park.  It was a gorgeous day in the park with the fog hanging at the tops of the hills:


My burrito from El Toro.  Almost perfection.   It's just that El Toro and I have wildly differing opinions about what constitutes hot pico de gallo.  But still a galaxy better than Chipotle:

This group was obviously having some kind of an offsite lunch meeting in the park and it was a little ridiculous because none of them were dressed for hanging out in the park and they all looked a little awkward and uncomfortable.  They were easily recognizable as bridge and tunnel crowd because they were eating sandwiches instead of burritos:

I headed back to work and then went to the gym after work.  After, I headed home and cleaned up a bit in my study before heading to bed.  Long day.

Bike Mileage:

Today 15.9
Week to date 15.9
Month to date 439.5
Year to date 5,922.2
To Goal 2,077.8
Over (Under) plan 618.1
YTD Mileage vs Last Year 545.8
Rolling Year 6,907.7
Since Inception 10/1/07 46,389.9

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday was walk2werq Monday and I had a fine walk although it didn't go quite as planned.  I had initially planned to go to Aquatic Park but it was getting late and I had to choose either that or the north side of Russian Hill and I chose the latter.  Another time.  I started out by walking Mr. Poe to muni and then I headed over to Alamo Square.  This pretty mosaic is at Ida Wells high school:

This deco apartment building on Pierce street has been on my blog a bunch of times.  I love it's fabulous detail:

This is the view looking east on Geary from the Steiner footbridge:

Pretty St. Dominic's has also been on my blog a bunch.

But the inside hasn't.  I wasn't expecting the ceiling inside.  It's fabulous:

This fabulous Victorian mansion is on Clay at Laguna:

I love the gorgeous renovation of Lafayette Square:

This is the Haas-Lilienthal House:

I headed over to Bay Street and then I made my way over to the Francisco reservoir.  This is the view from halfway up:

This is the reservoir itself:

Homes on Hyde St:

I headed South.  This is the Chestnut steps at Larkin:

I headed home for lunch and noted that this building is getting a new foundation.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when they're done:

I went to my spin class after work and then headed home for dinner.  I guess I'm still not feeling very well because it didn't sit well.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday I joined some friends for a Different Spoke ride out to Point Reyes Station and then around Nicasio Reservoir.  A couple of us had afternoon plans so we rode pretty quickly and didn't stop a lot.  The weather was warm and almost but not quite hot and we had a great day.  Some pics:

Mega foggy at the Golden Gate Bridge on the way home:


I headed home and got cleaned up and we went to a party at my hairdresser's house which was a birthday party for his dogs.  It was very noisy but lots of fun and we had a great time.  We headed home and got working on dinner.  I made Mr. Poe some macaroni and cheese.  Here's a fun fact about Mr. Poe.  He LOVES his birthday.  More than anybody I've ever met.  He doesn't like to open his present all at once and likes to look at them for a few days or weeks before finally opening them.  His birthday is Saturday and his presents are out:

I tried to stay up past 8 but was unsuccessful. 

Bike Mileage:

Week to date82.6
Month to date423.6
Year to date5,906.3
To Goal2,093.7
Over (Under) plan646.0
YTD Mileage vs Last Year529.9
Rolling Year6,918.8
Since Inception 10/1/0746,374.0

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday I lounged around the house all morning and didn't even get it together to go to the grocery store with Mr. Poe.  I headed out Mid Day and went and hung out with Mr. Chris and David and then went for a walk after that was about 3 miles.  I started off by heading to the America's Cup village.  It's drawing a massive number of visitors and a lot of the improvements they made for it are permanent which is fantastic.  Here are some shots of the village:

I walked over Telegraph Hill and saw this cute alley in North Beach on my way back.  I think it's called Jasper:

I headed through Chinatown and noted that they're ready to double the size of the Chinese Hospital:

I went and hung out with Miss Smith and then headed home for dinner.  After we got cleaned up and went to bed.