Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday, January 6, 2013

Friday I came into work on Muni and then went for my spin class mid day.  Instructor was extra douchey and made me long for a day when I can fit a different class into my schedule.  After work I went for a fabulous walk.  Mr. Poe was at a movie so I had a lot of extra time.  I started off at my office and headed into Chinatown.  Then I made my way over to the north side of Russian Hill which has tons of super fantastic things to see.  From there I went down to Aquatic Park and then Fort Mason Park.  Then I headed over to Pacific and then Presidio Heights and then walked home via Lone Mountain.  I stopped at Bi Rite on Divisadero for ice cream on my way home and can report that vegan chocolate coconut ice cream was so good I nearly wept.  I headed home and fed the dogs dinner and then we waited for Mr. Poe to get home.

The Francisco St steps up Russian Hill:

The view from Francisco St:

This building on Franciso has just been redone and it STUNNING:

The Fontana Towers:

Aquatic Park:

Pretty Fort Mason with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background:

This is the fabulous Benny Bufano sculpture in Fort Mason Park.  It's so fabulous:

I think this is a sculpture of a politician named Philip Burton:

I walked along Jackson Street once I got to Presidio Heights and there was a lot to see.  I love love love this house at Locust:

This amazing home is on Jackson between Spruce and Maple:

 We went to bed as soon as Mr. Poe got home.  It had been a very long day.

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