Monday, September 16, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mr. Poe and I continued to bicker most the day Thursday but had pretty much worked through that by Friday thank goodness.  Mr. Poe promises to open his presents when he's supposed to going forward and in addition the long anticipated relocation of my study to the back of the house is finally coming to fruition.  I came down into work on Muni in the morning and then went to my spin class mid day.  I wasn't feeling very well but I thought it would make me feel better and it did.  After work I went for a nice walk.  I started off in Cole Valley and made my way up to Forest Hill.  I saw this pretty home as I made my way west on Moraga:

The Moraga steps up to Grand View Park:

I like the pretty garden this house has:

I made my way up to Rocky Outcrop Park and got a few pics:

Some of the homes with a view of the rocks.  I love the mid century-ness of them:

I made my way over to Portal and then St. Francis Wood and then back home via Miraloma Park and Noe Valley.  I had a little dinner and then I went to bed.  I didn't sleep very well.

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