Monday, September 23, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday I came into work on Muni and then went to my spin class over lunch.  Spin instructor managed to behave himself.  Here's hoping he's finally gotten a lid on his drama.  After work I went for a long walk home.  Mr. Poe was at a movie so I had a little extra time so I walked about 8 1/2 miles home via the Presidio.  First I headed to Union Square where I saw this building at the corner of Geary and Powell. This us the 1908 Ekan Gunst building which was built by Mose Gunst and named after his son who had died playing football at age 16.  A little more here

Then I headed to Japantown which was gorgeous:

These pretty Victorians are on Bush St at Buchanan:

I walked through Pacific and Presidio Heights and took a bunch of pics along then way:

This grand mansion is super fantastic.  It has a pretty little garden up front:

This was the Egyptian consulate for many years.   They completed a massive renovation on the building just a couple of years ago.  The sign in the window now says that the consulate has been moved to LA.  Too bad.  I wonder what they'll do with the building:

I loved the glamorous entrance to this building:

This is pretty Presidio Terrace.  It's full of very glamorous homes and although it's supposed to be entrance restricted, nobody's ever chased me off when I've visited either on foot or on a bike:

This home is completely unsuccessful.  Who thought a Santa Fe style building would ever work in a Beaux Arts neighborhood?  Also, this building isn't even really Santa Fe, it's some kind of a southwestern pastiche and it's a complete disaster.  Do not like.

This mid century marvel has a lot going on.  I don't know how successful it is, but it's super interesting:

I walked back up Arguello and then followed a path past the Presidio Golf Club towards Mountain Lake Park.  I came out of the park at 8th and started heading home.  I saw this fantastic building on Cornwall.  Love it:

I headed home via Whole Foods on Stanyan where I purchased and consumed a surprising amount of vegan pastry.  I fed the dogs and myself dinner and then I got cleaned up and we waited for Mr. Poe to get home.  Long day.

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