Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday was walk2werq Monday and it came in at 6.2 miles.  I started off by heading to Buena Vista Park.  Buena Vista Park at 6am in August has people walking dogs and it's quiet and pretty.  The same park at the same time at the beginning of October is pitch black and TERRIFYING and I didn't realize how scary it was gonna be until it was too late.  I moved as fast as I could and got out of the park without incident and will never go to that park in the morning in the dark again.  Yikes!  I made my way over to Lone Mountain and the Presidio Heights where I saw this super fantastic Beaux Arts mansion.  It's got a lot of everything:

 I headed to Pacific Heights and stopped for an exceedingly foggy view from Alta Plaza:

This building at Jackson and Buchanan makes me a little angry.  Originally both sides of this building would have been identical and nicely done.  But then they added an attic to the side on the right which necessitated the ugly fire escape and makes a charming apartment building into an awful apartment building:

I made my way to Lafayette Park and got a pic as I headed to Gough:

I went to Whole Foods and got my donut and then headed down California into work.  I headed home at lunch and then went to my spin class after work.  After, I headed home and had dinner and went to bed.

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