Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday we heeded the weather reports and good that we did because we ended up getting a lot more rain than they predicted and we would have been MISERABLE on the road.  Instead, I went to the grocery store with Mr. Poe and then went downtown to the gym after.  I lifted some weights and then I rode on a spinning bike for 90 minutes.  But I wasn't alone in the group exercise room.  Two people stood out for their intriguing exercise routines that I'm guessing were derived somehow from Tai Chi.  One was a woman who was a little Fosse and there were some jazz hands and it looked a bit like the prancercise lady.  .  And then there was this other guy.  What he was doing could best be described as what it would look like if a drag queen of a certain age decided to incorporate kung fu moves into her runway act.  Sadly, I didn't have my phone to take video because it really needed to bed seen to be believed.  I hung out with Mr. Chris and David after and then headed home for dinner.  After, we headed over to Pip and Joel's anniversary party and then we headed home and went to bed.

Sunday I rode Mr. Tam twice with Different Spokes.  We rode San Francisco-Mill Valley- Alpine Dam Lake-Fairfax-Alpine Dam Lake-Mill Valley- San Francisco.  It was a gorgeous day and we got some fantastic riding in.  Check out the pics:


I headed home for dinner and then we got cleaned up and went to bed.  I didn't even make it til 8.

Bike Mileage:

Week to date98.6
Month to date476.0
Year to date6,455.7
To Goal1,544.3
Over (Under) plan581.8
YTD Mileage vs Last Year635.9
Rolling Year7,242.9
Since Inception 10/1/0746,923.4

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