Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday was walk2werq Monday and I did a bit of a different route.  I got up a little early and took muni down to Embarcadero and stopped first at my gym to make October class reservations and then at work to drop off my stuff and then headed up to Telegraph Hill to catch the sunrise.  I wasn't disappointed:

I took a bunch of pics as I headed for Fisherman's Wharf which isn't quite as awful early in the morning when it's empty:

 Then I headed to Aquatic Park.   PS the museum is free!  I did not know that.

This super fantastic building is on Franklin at Vallejo.  It's so gorgeous:

I went and got my donut and then headed up California into the Financial District.  This is part of the frieze from the Masonic Auditorium.  So fabulous:

I headed home for lunch and dropped my Mudhoney poster off at the framers on the way back.  After work I went to my spin class and then met Mr. Chris, David and Alex at the Westfield.  I ended up having dinner with them which mildly pissed Mr. Poe off because he had already made me dinner by the time I told him I was gonna be late.  Sorry bout it!  I headed home and got cleaned up and we went to bed. 

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