Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

I hadn't been able to walk to work because I'd been working from home, but Friday I managed to get out of the house and walked to work and it came in at 6.3 miles.  It was dark and incredibly foggy when I set out.  I headed through the Haight and then made my way to Laurel Heights and then Presidio Heights, Pacific Heights, Nob Hill and into work.  It was super foggy but I had a fantastic time.

This is the view looking down Duboce towards the Mission:

The Lyon Street Steps:


The new structures in Lafayette Square and they looked fantastic against the sun and the fog:

I went and got my donut and then headed into work.  I went to a spin class over lunch which was pretty much uneventful and then after work I made my way to Union Square to do a little shopping where I ran into Courtney which was a treat.  I hung out with her for a while and then I took BART to Glen Park and then went for a nice walk over Bernal Hill and into the Mission which came in at about 4.2 miles.  I love Bernal Hill!  There are so many twists and turns and stairs and stuff to look at.  Love it.  Sadly, very dark so no pics.  I headed into the Mission and got us falafel for dinner and then headed home.  We had dinner and then we went to bed.

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