Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday I ran errands with Mr. Poe in the morning and then after lunch I headed off on foot while he took a nap.  I headed over to Golden Gate Park and went to the De Young.  Which was a total shitshow.  I'd planned on going to the Bulgari exhibit and to also see David Hockney but the Hockney line was crazy long so I just went to go see Bulgari.  Which was OK and certainly not one of the better Jewelry shows I've seen.  By all means go have a look but don't expect it to be as cool as the Cartier exhibit was a couple of years ago. 

After I left the museum I headed over to Bevmo to look at some liquors.  Then I headed home via a stop at St. Ignatius which has some FIERCE Christmas drag:

I headed home and got ready for Richard and Ron who were coming to dinner.  They left pretty early and I got cleaned up and watch TV before bed. A lot of Futurama.  Don't judge.

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