Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday I worked with Mr. Poe in the yard getting the Christmas decorations up in the morning.  After we finished we headed down to the Metreon for lunch.  Then Mr. Poe went to a movie and I walked around union square. 

I headed into Barney only to find that there is actually a clothing label called ATM (look up the crass meaning on urban dictionary yourself) and that they Chanel counter was puzzlingly closed at Neiman Marcus.  Not just closed, it was totally walled off with screens as if it had recently been the site of some terrible beauty disaster and they hadn't finished cleaning up yet.  I speculated that during a skin care consultation, the new Sublimage beauty cream took somebody back into an amniotic sack in a youth restoring experiment gone amuck.  

I met up with Mr. Chris and David who were getting their wedding rings ordered and we poked around a bit and then I headed over to the De Young to go to the Bulgari exhibit.  I offered to take Mr. Chris who had been denied the Bulgari exhibit the day before because I got the museum worng but he wasn't in a museum mood so I went alone.  It was a nice exhibit.  Not as spectacular as the Cartier exhibit and not even the neatest thing currently on display at the museum.  There's a David Hockney painting exhibit that has a zillion tedious portraits but also some rightfully magnificent landscapes that I'd like to see again.  I didn't have a lot of time at the museum and then I headed home for dinner.  After dinner I finished tidying up in the study and scanned this photo of the legendary Ashly Sr lounging on a chair at my first apartment in Santa Fe way back in 1999:

I was unable to stay up past nine. 

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