Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday was walk2werq Monday and I had a fun but damp walk over Twin Peaks and through Monterey Heights, Westwood Park and the Ingleside.  It came in at 6.4 miles and it only rained a little.

This is the residence of the Chinese consul general on St Elmo.  The house is massive.  What you see from the St Elmo side is not much of the massive residence.  I love the trees in front.  They're so sculptural:

 I saw this on Faxon.  I didn't think they had these anymore.  I wonder if it still works.  Fire alarm on the reverse:

Some foggy fabulousness at Ingleside Heights:

This is the sundial that used to be part of a race track that is now a pretty part of the neighborhood Ingleside Terrace:

 I saw this home on Head.  It's so cute, but the garden in front is super fantastic:

I love the blue glass river rocks:

Street furniture on Ashton:

I finally went into St Emydius on de Montefort.  It's a sober little structure that seems more bank lobby than house of worship.  The one part of it I did love was the exuberant ivy murals on the vault in the apse.  It's beautiful:

I went and got my donut and headed into work.  I went home for lunch and then took a spinning class after work.  Then I walked to Union Square to catch Muni.  It's all set for Chinese New Year:

I headed home for dinner and we went to bed early.  I was completely exhausted.

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