Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

We've had some rain in the bay area this week and I've been spending a lot of time in the gym.  I'm looking forward to riding outside this weekend so fingers crossed that's gonna happen.  Wednesday and Thursday I went to spinning classes so at least I'm keeping that up.  My body has gone into Lifecycle training mode and has concluded that it wants to be awake 4:30-8:30 or so.  I'm pretty much OK with that.  I love getting up early and nothing savory ever happens late at night.

Thursday I woke up hungry at 3:45 and elected to stay up.  I decided to walk to work and thought about heading up to Grand View Park but halfway there I noticed I'd left my wallet at home so I had to go back which wasn't such a disaster because it had also been raining pretty much the whole time.  The weather was clearing by the time I got home so I stopped for a snack and then walked to work down Market stopping for pics of some of the amazing new buildings that have gone up recently.

15th and Market:

Buchanan and Market:

Octavia and Market:

It got pretty grim with the homeless once I got to Van Ness but I continued on to work.  I headed to the gym over lunch and then came home a little early to run errands.  I noticed this tree in bloom on 17th st.  So pretty:

I went and dropped off our taxes and then headed up to visit Courtney and baby Evelyn.  So pretty!  And she's beginning to be delighted by everything which is adorable:

I headed home for dinner and then got ready for bed.  

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