Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday I was up early and decided to walk into work.  I came down on Muni with Mr. Poe and dropped off my stuff at the office and then made my way for Russian Hill.  The sun was starting to come up and I took some pics:

This building on

I love this super modern mansion resting on the old, crumbling rock wall:

The view of downtown from the top of the Vallejo Steps:

Then I made my way over to Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill:

The gorgeous Masonic Auditorium across the street from Grace Cathedral:

This was built as NBC Radio City in 1942.  It's so modern and fabulous:

I headed South of Market.  I love this building going up on 5th:

I headed over to Folsom and then made my way to Russ.  Which is such a pretty street if you aren't put off by the peeing homeless dude.

Fantastic mural:

They've closed the last block of Russ off for traffic.  With mixed results.  Lets see how long it lasts:

I headed into work.

I went to a spin class over lunch and the instructor completely melted down.  I'm used to his drama but he absolutely outdid himself with an impassioned plea for people to stop taking his class if they didn't want to follow along because it ruins his rhythm.  WTF???  I kept my mouth shut because I don't want any part of this crazy train.   Let's see if he's still the instructor next week.

After work I headed through Union Square and then made my way SOMA.  I love the Contemporary Jewish museum.  It's so glam:

I headed to the Mission.  It was  a gorgeous day in Dolores Park.

I went and got Mr. Poe dinner and then I headed home.  My combined mileage for the day was 11.2.  We didn't stay up late,  Saturday was a big day.

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