Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday was walk2werq Monday and I had an awesome walk over Clarendon and Forest Hill and through the Sunset, Saint Francis Wood and Westwood Park before picking up BART at Balboa Park.  The walk came in at about 6.4 miles.  It was clear and gorgeous when I left my house but completely fogged in by the time I'd come over Clarendon and then there was spooky ass fog for the rest of the walk.  It was all 'Let's take the shortcut through the cemetery where the sexy teens died a hundred years ago tonite.' 

Spooky Forest Hills:

This mural on 17th at Taravel is new and amazing.  I love it.  It's so vibrant and the colors pop in the fog:

The fog was so thick in the Sunset that I couldn't see Saint Cecelia's from a block away.  And it's hard to miss.  My plan was to go in and walk around but they were in the middle of mass and I just couldn't.  I got a couple of pics.  It's lovely inside:

I made my way down to Portal and got a pic of this amazing installation:

I headed over to Westwood Park:

My donut:

I headed home for lunch and then I went to a spin class after work.  Miss Smith collected me at the gym and we walked to Union Square to check out the flower show.  It isn't as nice as it's been in previous years although the windows on O'Farrell and Stockton are pretty amazing.  The best part was watching security drag some screaming crazy lady out of the store:

I headed home for dinner and then I went to bed.  It had been a super long day and I was beat.

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