Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday I was up very early.  When I came into the study, this is how Rufus was sleeping:

We had rain forecasted for Saturday so I didn't put a ride on the calendar. Instead, I headed to the gym early and went to a spin class and then met Mr. Poe at the grocery store.  The weather was much improved by the time we got back.  Rufus did some more sleepin:

Mid day we headed downtown and ran some errands and then headed to the Asian Art Museum.  There's a new Yoga exhibit that I think has the potential to be very interesting but there's a lot of backstory that you have to absorb and I'm afraid I didn't have the energy for that.  So we looked at the Yoga stuff for a few minutes and then headed upstairs to look at the familiar, pretty things.  These are some of the pretty things that I saw:

I loved the gorgeous celery green of this korean pottery.  The color looks so fresh and so modern:

Me in UN Plaza:

We headed home and got cleaned up and had dinner.  I went to bed early.  8:30 didn't come soon enough!

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