Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday we threw an engagement party for two of our most favorite people, Mr. Chris and Mr. David.  It's hard throwing a party in the Castro because nobody seems to be eating a lot of carbs anymore so canapes on bread are out.  We settled on honey baked ham and smoked fish and some other nibbly things.  In addition I made four desserts:  a pound cake laden with fruit and cognac, a black forest cherry gateau, a cherry almond Charlotte Malakoff, and Nutella cookies.  There was a cherry theme in most of them because I made homemade maraschino cherries and we incorporated them into the desserts and the cocktails.  Also, all the desserts save the cookies were soaked in liquor because that's how we roll these days.  I thought that everything turned out pretty well.  The crowd didn't seem wild about the pound cake but I think it might have been more about the popularity of the other ones.  We'll see what Mr. Poe thinks of it next week.  Here's some pics of the food:

That charlotte and the gateau were pretty show stopping.  There was an audible gasp when they came out of the fridge.  I love making charlottes because they're so much fun to make and they're such a 'ta-da!' on presentation.  But the gateau was so dramatic and really not quite as difficult to assemble as you'd think:

This is the smoked whitefish--  complete with eyes.

I wasn't the only one dazzled by it:

Pics from the party:

The last guest left around 6 and I was in bed an hour and a half later.  And not a minute too soon.

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