Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've been taking Tuesdays off from exercise lately and I've really been needing that.  I was pretty beat when I got up and I was happy to come down into work on Muni.  Over lunch I headed over to the Asian Art Museum.  A coworker noted that I go there an awful lot and I replied that there always seemed to be something new there.   In fact, there were two new rooms of Japanese Art from the permanent collection!  They had a bunch of pieces from the 19th c artist Shibata Zeshin.  Sadly, only one of the pics I took turned out but you can really get a sense of how modern and graphic his painting is.  It's just so fresh:

These aren't newly on display, but I love these contemporary Okura Jiro wood sculptures:

This magnificent screen is new on display.  It tells the story of Heike, one of Japan's very few female warriors.  Here she is wrestling an enemy lord to the ground before ripping off his head and throwing it away.  Nasty!  

Aizen Myoo, the god of love:

These are new and made by school children.  I love them.  There were also some horrifying ceramic babies that looked like they'd been microwaved but I didn't take a pic of them because I draw the line at mocking children on my blog. 

After work I headed over to visit with Mr. Chris.  We hung out and watched Drag Race and then I headed home for dinner.  After dinner I got cleaned up and then went to bed.  Long day.

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