Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2013

Tuesday I didn't get a lot of exercise because I thought I needed a day off.  I'd worked out in the gym the preceding seven days in a row and I felt like I needed a break.  But I wasn't completely dead like I'd have been if I'd ridden those two days so I felt like I could go on a walk over lunch.  I headed through Chinatown and then North Beach and the north side of Telegraph Hill before heading back to work down Sansome.  It came in at 2.7 miles and it was reasonably flat.  You know, for San Francisco.

I got a bunch of nice pics in Chinatown:

This is the huge extension to the Chinese Hospital.  It's a lot bigger than anything else around it.  It's a little surprising it's going in:

I found this place on Powell St.  I cannot come up with a single argument against bacon wrapped tater tots:

I headed up to Jack Early Park which has such lovely views:

Gorgeous Telegraph Hill homes as seen from Jack Early Park:

After work I went shopping in Union Square and then headed home for dinner.  I rewatched Rupaul's drag race.  It looks pretty good this season I can't wait for the drama.  Then I got cleaned up and I went to bed.

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