Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday I couldn't walk2werq because I was working from home that morning because I'm still dog sitting sofi and tonisha and I couldn't leave them all day.  So, I put everybody to bed except Rufus and we headed out for a long walk through the Mission and then Glen Park.  It came in at 6.4 miles.  Glen Park has had a lot of work done recently and it looks fantastic.  It's kinda crazy how unspoiled it seems and it's in the middle of the city.  To think it narrowly avoided becoming the Crosstown Expressway!  Pics:

It surprises me in a neighborhood where building sell at the kind of prices that they do in Glen Park that so many buildings are run down and in need of loving':

This house fascinates me because I just can't tell if it's been hoisted up or not.  It all might be original:

I headed home to get some work done and Rufus promptly passed out for the rest of the day.  Poor baby!  I helped my pal Shelby get some stuff moved mid day and then headed down to the office.  After work I headed went to the gym for a spin and a body pump class which totally kicked my ass and then I headed home and crawled into bed.

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