Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday I led an ALC training ride out to the Cheese Factory and then Novato.  We've got a great group this year and we've been finishing so early that we're gonna start meeting later so maybe I'll be able to lounge about in bed until 5am next week!  The luxury!  We had fantastic riding weather although I forgot about sunscreen and got pretty charred.  Here are pics of the hotness:

Nicasio Reservoir is almost but not completely full:

Stafford Lake was full:

I got home and took all the dogs out and then had dinner and went to bed.   I was so beat.  What a fabulous weekend!

Bike Mileage:

Week to date198.8
Month to date198.8
Year to date1,527.9
To Goal6,472.1
Over (Under) plan(663.9)
YTD Mileage vs Last Year(329.0)
Rolling Year7,800.0
Since Inception 10/1/0749,318.6

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