Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday I worked from home in the morning and tried to get the house in order for Mr. Poe's arrival back home later that day.  Mimi was itchy so I gave the little dogs baths.  Mimi loves getting baths but Ashley Jr. most certainly does not:

I led an ALC training ride mid day.  Well sort of.  I had an RSVP and Ron and I waited until the rideout and then rode out.  The rider showed up while we were heading down Market and was surprised that we didn't wait for him.  That's really not the attitude I'm gonna put up with when I'm volunteering my time.  If you want me to support your training you need to be on time.  I was polite to him but I rode at my own pace for the day instead of with him. He knew where he was going and Ron rode with him so it was OK.  I stopped on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge for pics:

I had a fast ride around Paradise loop and then headed up Belvedere Island where the views were fantastic:

I headed home and got cleaned up and ready for Mr. Poe to come home.  I thought he was coming home at 5:30 and told him to take BART because I didn't think I'd be home.  In fact, he was coming in at 8:30 and I should have picked him up but didn't.  He didn't get home til 10:30.  t have the guilt.

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