Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday was walk2werq Monday and I had an ambitious walk to a kind of remote neighborhood called Merced Heights.  I was headed to a little known Brooks Park.  It was far away so I had to take the most direct way which was Corbett to Portola which doesn't have the nicest scenery, especially on a foggy morning.  I did manage a nice walk down Santa Ana in Saint Francis Wood which is gorgeous:

This is the Ingleside Terraces gate at Paloma.  I love how monumental it is.  It must have looked even more like temple ruins when the neighborhood was built and there weren't any trees:

Merced Heights isn't gonna win a lot of architectural awards but Brooks Park is amazing.  It's perched up on top of a hill with amazing views in every direction.  The park is the remains of the Brooks family's garden and it lots stone walls and rambles about.  So fabulous:

There's a much faster way to get to Brooks Park than I took and I plan on coming back soon.  This is there view looking down Victoria towards Ocean:

I'd seen this tattoo place before,

But I hadn't seen this phenomenal pic in the window.  Get outta my dreams and into my car!:

From there I went and got a donut and headed into work.  I was really, really tired after the weekend and I should have taken the day off but I'm so close to the Lifefcycle I didn't want to skip a day in my training so I compensated by eating a LOT all day.  I got enough energy off of that but it wasn't a pretty ride.  I headed home for lunch and then went to my spin and then strength class after work.  I was so beat when I got home I think I lasted 20 minutes before I went to bed.

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