Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday I had the dogs out nice and early before it got hot.  I'm loving the gorgeous weather we're having, but the heat is kind of sucking the life out of me.  We had a great walk out to Golden Gate Park via Duboce Park and Alamo Square.  The walk came in at 6.3 miles and I can now report that Rufus is looking and waiting for his when I get Nutter Butter brand sandwich cookies.  That's my boy!

First stop was to survey the damage caused when a semi caught fire and slammed into Sullivan's funeral home.  Not so much damage to the building:

There's a very nice mural on the Fell St side of Ida Wells school.  The subject matter is a little juvenile for me-- it is a school--  so I'd never really looked at it before but the execution is so very nice:.  It stretches along the whole block and it's gets kind of difficult to photograph:

I worked from home in the morning and then headed down to take a spin class which was hot and difficult.  I headed into the office after that.

After work I headed over to Mr. Chris's to hang out with him for a few minutes before he headed off for Tahoe.  I was SO tired but I decided to walk home anyway.  I was totally OK with taking Muni but I planned my walk from snack to snack to keep me going.  I got some pics as I walked down Harrison to Whole Foods for donuts:

This is the amazing new building on 5th and Folsom.  I think I actually squealed when I saw it.  It's everything I love about architecture.  SUPER fantastic:

Eerie St is a sketchy alley between Division and 14th, Folsom and South Van Ness.  I would have avoided it entirely except for these fantastic murals:

I headed home for dinner via Bi Rite ice cream.  I was just exhausted when I got home.  I ended up eating a surprisingly large dinner and then going to bed.  What a fantastic day!

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