Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday was walk2werk Monday and I had a fun walk down over Potrero Hill that came in at 6.4 miles.  I felt MUCH better than I had the week before.  Next year I'm gonna work from home for a few days after the Lifecycle until I'm rested up.

I saw this building on 19th st at York.  It's a huge condo building now and it looks fantastic.  Keeping masonry in San Francisco isn't as easy because of seismic stuff so these aren't as common as they are in other cities.  Love it:

I took a bunch of pics at Agua Vista Park which I think used to be called Bay Front Park.  It's so pretty there and the neighborhood has gone from horrible to good.

I went and got a muffin in lieu of my donut and then headed into work.  I took a spin and then strength training class after work and I felt a LOT better than I had the week before.  I headed home after for dinner and then I went to bed.  Here's hoping I feel this strong for the whole summer!

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