Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday I had a massive day of sightseeing that wouldn't have been possible had I not lived here because I knew where to go.  I started off early and headed up to Bandolier but didn't go in.  There's only bus access to the park because of the fires a couple of seasons ago and I didn't want to get roped into an all day thing no matter how educational it was.  Instead I headed up to Valles Caldera and hiked around the main Caldera.  It was called Valles Grande when I lived there and has been renamed, presumably because it really isn't a valley at all.  From there I headed to Jemez Falls and then Spence Hot Springs.   I had lunch in Jemez Springs and then went to go look at the Gilman Tunnels.   It was pretty early and I didn't have to be in Albuquerque til dinner so I took a crazy drive to Cuba and then south to Grants so that I could visit El Malpais national monument which is one of my favorites places.  Then I headed into to Albuquerque for dinner with Quela and then I picked up Mr. Nick at 10.  We headed back to Santa Fe and went to bed because we had BIG PLANS for Saturday.

I'm not sure where this is.  New Mexico is so beautiful a lot of it looks like this.

Caldera Grande.  Gorgeous.  Not the most exciting hike I've been on but it's such gorgeous country:

Jemez Falls:

The Jemez River:

Gilman tunnels.  I think they were built to bring wood for the railroad:

El Malpais national monument.  A huge lava flow covers this entire valley.  It's incredible:

The University of New Mexico has a pretty campus and it's fun to walk around.

This horrible restaurant only exists to exploit the poverty of students who are too poor to eat anything else.  I remember it as being cheaper than McDonalds.  You get what you pay for.

I had a lovely dinner with Quela and then I picked up Mr. Nick at the airport.  I was very happy when I finally got to bed.  It had been a very long day.

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