Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday afternoon Sam and I hitched a ride with the Smith Fangs to Costco and sorted the purchase of an iPad for his son.  Who knew he was getting one and wouldn't talk about anything else.  We ended up getting it at Best Buy which is the worst place on earth.  I hate it there so much that I'd rather pay more than have to put up with another pitch for their fucking extended warranties.  Which we had to even hear from the security guard as he checked our receipt when we are leaving.  We ended up walking home through the Mission and up the glorious Clarion Alley which has some amazing murals.  Apparently I'm part of the problem by suggesting that they cordon off the block and put in cafes.

Miss Smith and Daniel came over for dinner and Mr. Poe made pasta.  I made chocolate ice cream and this cake for dessert that night.  It's an upside-down cake that I made with fresh cherries and melted caramel candies (which I also made).   Sadly, the kids didn't seem bowled over by either of these things.  At least I'm trying.

I was totally by the time I made it to bed.  What a long day.

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