Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday I got up and went to a spin class in the morning.   Mr. Poe met me after and we went to the grocery store and then headed to Berkeley to go to the university art museum which is pretty amazing.  The art collection isn't much but the building it's in is SUPER FANTASTIC.  It's all these cantilevered walkways and crazy angles.  Apparently too crazy, because the museum's being moved and the building's gonna have to undergo some kind of seismic retrofit that's gonna render it practically unrecognizable.  So feast your eyes while you can:

This is the cool thing that I saw at the museum.  It's this incredibly luxurious piece of ivory.  It didn't really have a context so don't know if it's from a temple, palace or what but who cares it's just exquisite:

This super seductive Ganesh was also pretty awesome:

We picked up burritos in the Castro on the way home and then Mr. Chris and David popped by to say hi.  I tried to go to bed early because I had a whole lot of Sunday planned.

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