Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday August 30, 2014

I felt crappy and worked from home for the rest of the week.  I ended up skipping my friend Alvin's birthday party which was unfortunate but it was the better choice.  Here's Rufus wondering when I'm gonna get the hell off my ass and take him for a walk:

Mr. Poe opened his birthday present a day earlier.  I got him these lions to go in the garden.  The guy at the shop where I bought them at told me that they don't do that color glaze anymore because it was giving the potters cancer.  I love it:

Mr. Chris and David took us out for birthday dinners that night.  Here he is dancing with a feather boa.  CLASSY:

Mr. Poe:

We were home reasonably early.  Still we were beat and we went to bed early.

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