Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We all slept through the earthquake on Sunday morning.  I'm able to point to all the wine I'd consumed the evening before but I don't know why none of the dogs, Mr. Poe or our houseguests Brandon and Seoyoon didn't wake either.  I was supposed to go riding with David and Gordon on Sunday but Gordon lives in Napa and David went up to go help him clean up and I try not to do a lot of long rides out of town all by myself.  I got cleaned up and took the dogs on a long walk  through the Mission and Noe Valley that came in at about 4.6 miles.  It was Sunday Streets on Valencia and they were just starting to get set up when we were going through.  Mimi loves a stand that sells meat, let me tell you.

I headed home for lunch and then I went downtown and Mr. Criss and I took his dogs to Union Square.  Which is something I couldn't do with mine.  Mimi would shoplift.  Obviously.  Here's Sofi in Union square:

Me in Union Square:

I said goodbye to them and stopped in at my office to pick up the incredibly heavy present for Mr. Poe's birthday which is on the 31st.  I should have taken uber but instead took Muni which is not ideal for schlepping heavy packages back to the Castro.  When will I learn?

We had dinner and we went to bed early.  Mr. Poe's back at work.  I miss summer already :(.

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